Some ideas for improving small guilds.

    • Some ideas for improving small guilds.

      I have more than 1k hours playing albion and can't find a way how a new guild can grow and own territories fighting against monsters alliances.
      Been already on big alliances and the game becomes a farming simulator.
      5 guys dictates the hole luck of an entire 8000 man Alliance.

      Territory owning should be reworked, 4 alliances, and dominating the game, don't know how this can be fun, only for the ones who can get a benefit from that.
      Alliance theme should be reviewed.
      Gvgs, shouldn't be tied to territories, instead to guild islands and scoring that way, allowing people leave monster alliances and play their own guild game.
      Territories should be fought weekly (DEVS, being all days at X time to play for a territory is not fun, we play for fun, that looks more like a work, that why the gvg system is dominated by a small % of people, who can play all days at X time) (guild vs guild) [Uncapped players] at 2 times like reset days, allowing bigger guilds own, important territories and small guilds get their piece on not that important territories.