Hello, members of P R E C I S I O N.

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    • Hello, members of P R E C I S I O N.

      Hi there, I am PenguinSniper. I came up with this name because I used to make jokes with some friends on twitter about flat earth, and we suggested flat earthers believe the government have penguins defending antarctica from being visited to check the true shape of the planet. I personally believe planet earth is an obtuse spheroid.

      You don't know me, but I hope you are enjoying Albion Online. I, like you am a new player to this brilliant game, and I got here after the free 2 play launch.

      I am writing this to you because I believe it is fair that you fully understand the history of the guild you are currently a member of.

      To explain this, I will start with a simple screenshot.

      As you can see, I was once the leader of the guild called P R E C I S I O N.

      Here is a screenshot of the day I created the cape.

      As you can see, the chatbox was still on it's default setting of auto-hide. I was a brand new player, and I was in that guild, alone. Precision was started by a solo player, me.

      The reason I chose this name for a guild, is that the type of mouse I use has a fault, so when the infra red fails to move accurately, it can cause me to mis-click. The way mounts provide us a movement buff when we are near them made me value accuracy of mouse clicks, and being precise. That is why I settled on the guild name precision.

      The fact that my ign is 'sniper', also connected with 'precision' of accurate aim.

      That is why I chose the crosshair looking symbol for the cape. I chose blue because my skillbar was full of blue icons and as a frost mage, it seemed to be a theme. Also, because of the limitations of the cape customization facility, the one colour I was able to find in 3 different tones of light to dark, was blue.

      That's why your cape is blue.

      How I met your guild leader

      I don't remember if I was drunk or just tired, but i fell asleep while grinding. I woke up and all my gear was at 1% durability. My mount would not function, and I was unable to travel. So I posted in Help chat, an offer for a Scroll of repair. I knew the price to be around 39k silver, but I wanted to get one quickly, so I was willing to take the self-punishment of offering 400k for one, and learn from the mistake of not having one with me, which is my current policy. I will never grind/gather without a scroll of repair because of that day.

      I posted my offer in the Help chat, and got a reply from 'Gweek'. He sold me a scroll of repair after travelling to me, but I also received a dm from 'Deanobhoy'. He offered to sell me one for 70-200k. Since I had posted a 400k offer, I viewed this as a kind thing for him to do, by offering to sell me one for a lower price than I offered.

      I had sympathy on him as he wanted to buy one from the marketplace but could not afford one. So, even though I bought one from Gweek, I considered making Deanobhoy my guild's 1st recruit.

      Once he recruited 15 members, as he had mentioned he had bought premium too late in the month to acquire the Black Panther mount, I again had sympathy on him so decided to buy him a Direwolf for 500k as a reward for helping me recruit 15 members.

      I felt the recruiting was going a little fast, but I wanted to see how things went, so I allowed him to continue recruiting.

      This went on until we had 50 members. It became clear to me that Deanobhoy was recruiting any player that could speak english, and this was starting to exhibit itself in the misfortune that the chatroom was indifferent to 'Global' or any other unmoderated chat. Things started to happen when I was offline such as players getting mistreated, kicked from the discord, and a general abuse of authority that was given to various members. Deanobhoy had recruited players who considered themselves self-appointed veterans, complete scumbag personalities who viewed themselves superior to new players.

      New players, like ME.

      New players, like YOU.

      I got kicked out of this guild, because I trusted Imeria with too much power. It eats at me every day I see that cape on your back, and I know that you have no clue what happened.

      I had a misunderstanding with Deanobhoy, but I now understand that he was not to blame for me getting kicked out of the guild.

      Thank you for reading.

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