News besides this server conversation?

    • News besides this server conversation?


      Is there any news, or a proper place I may have any news, on AO besides this server conversation that's going on?

      Maybe I'm missing the proper channel for it, but I feel lack of interaction from SBI. The Twitter acc does not have any relevant news besides this latency issue and AO channel, that I am watching right now.

      Do the Devs and/or community manage use to interact on Twitter for news? Maybe I'm just used to another game I came from. Just trying not to miss anything.

      I look for Devs info about the game development, more of what is to come. I saw the road map, but that's it, no more new. Somethings there are really interesting, but it's been long time we see no info about cosmetics mentioned there, as an example.

      Again, I may be missing something, since I'm new here.

      Have a nice one.


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