Mob Faction Gear

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  • Mob Faction Gear

    So, I was delaying it for some time, but now I've decided to try and put my ideas into words.

    Not all of us fits the "shiny knight" archetype, not all of us are like the royal mages from the old world. Some of us would fight instead for some of the mob factions in the land, not for the old king despite his presumed well secured city walls. There are other factions are here, and they are VERY interesting for some of us. That's for sure, my friend.

    Down bellow, I expose to you my ideas on why and how to bring Mob Faction Gears, and it's variety on cloth, leather and plate back.

    - Selling the idea

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    But, on a roleplay perspective, why to do so?

    • Some of us, for sure, would like to fight for the Morgana Faction, doing her stuff, learning her ways, and fighting to find a way to bring her back;

    • Some would shake hands with the Demonic Faction, even make offerings, and abuse all the power of the darkest deeps of hell could lend them, not knowing limits;

    • Some of us wouldn't mind to lurk in the deep mines, join the Heretics Faction and gank the royals for some easy silver on easy preys, leaving behind all the bullsh*t that drove them here by force and the fat old king;

    • Some of us (like me) would rather join forces with the Keepers Faction, and fight with them, learning their wisdom of the land with their druids and fighting like their berserkers to prove valor in battle.
    • Some would like to lay hands on the powerful weapons and gears they could find fighting using the Undeads Faction* gears;
    • But some of us still loyal to the king, and wouldn't allow anything to stop king's intent to this land and fight proudly for the Royal Faction, for the king and his affairs on Albion.
    *according to the lore, this is the only faction that has no way to interact with for they are not rational, so i thought their gear could be essentially powerful artifacts. Couldn't find a roleplay reason to fight for this faction.

    - How to do so?

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    It came to me when I saw an old video of Alpha version, if I am right, where we can see that many versions of gear already exists, and I felt it was a lost of potential we could use. It's already here, let's put it into the world again.

    So, how?
    • In the same format as we have Factions working now in game for the cities, with an NPC where we can do missions for them and later, craft itens of this specific faction.

    - The items

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    • At the moment, we have Normal Items and Artifacts Items. My idea is for simple new skins for the Normal Items, making it easier to the team to implement them than creating all new items and balancing them now, since it seems that we already have something in hand, as we can see in the images bellow.

    Some Keepers gears:

    Some Undead gears:

    • Yes. I think that some of them can retain the status of Artifact Items, as we have some now, with better and higher stats, the goal here is to have the Normal Items re-skins with the actual stats, if needed, for I can't say at the moment how to make every item to be balanced around it's supposed new status.
    I'ts a clear skin idea to add roleplay and diversity in the game. For we know we are what we wear, but looks and roleplay do matters for some of us.

    Please, feel free to contribute and criticize the idea, I am willing to add to the original post any aide a see fit to it.

    I gotta say I am a strongly RPG oriented player (I would make home with the Keepers, if possible), and I feel lack of diversity having seen all that opportunity that is to use.

    Have a good one.
  • Gank wrote:

    Faction items were just skinned normal items back in the day, and a lot of models became artifacts after beta 1. Skins are coming , and i do hope factions get more depth and options later down the roadmap. They arent on the 2019 map at all though.
    Really hope it comes to live server, alongside with hair and beard customization. Lack of date and time feels bad, tho. It's like "some day on the human history".