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      We have been online albion for almost 2 years in activity and since then I have always heard my guild members talk about guild symbols.

      I know some symbols were possible through events in Closed Beta and this is really amazing. But, I think we could have a system that would send the game a guild logo, so it would look better personalized. More colors, more customizations, would be something different in the Albion. And the symbol being approved by the team of Sandbox so that the guild could use until exclusively.

      Maybe even an award for the guild that achieves a goal within the game, that would be fantastic.

      The inserts of the symbols and backgrounds could also be adjusted, when you insert a symbol it leaves position depending on the item you are using.

      I think not only my guild, but several guilds would like to spread their brand in the world of Albion.

      >> I inserted some ideas below <<

      LESTAT - Leader of EARTHQUAKE
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    • If I may add something to you suggestion, a customized guild symbol could be a reward for top guilds after season ends.
      This way you will limit the effort for moderators to judge the images sent if they fit in Albion standards or not.

      Of course a customized guild symbol for those who want to pay some gold for it wouldn't hurt anyone!