Update on ongoing connection/latency issues resulting from DDOS

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  • PenguinSniper wrote:

    Paulii wrote:

    I really don't need any compensation. What i really need is to be able to play albion. Or i have to put all my money into beer and weed again, you can't want that.
    There are many forms compensation can take. I am willing to wait and see what the devs decide would be an appropriate way to compensate the players.
    But this is the type of problem that is undeniable:

    I wanted to go gather, but some of my gear needing repairing. The cost was 40k silver, and I only had 20k on me so I gathered with less than 100% durability gear.

    The server disconnected while i was fighting a monster (as 50% of them are aggro and standing next to nodes).

    I closed the client and re-logged back in.

    Every time that happens, all my gear loses 10% durability.

    By the time I got back to the repair station, my repair cost is 137k.

    Remember, the purpose of going to gather way to pay a 40k repair cost.
    There is one simple solution. Stop playin Albion untill its fixed. That*s what im goin to do. And stop payin ofc. If they dont understand this it`s over for the whole game anyway..
  • Vatel wrote:

    I started playing this game on monday, and have played it for 30 hours the past 3 days. The lag is annoying yes, but i still cant get enough of the game!

    But most annoying of all, is that there is 3 days left for the season to end, and getting the awesome Morgana Raven.
    You mentioned compensation, some people are asking for premium time to make up for the DDOS latency problems. I just want more time, so i can get the Morgana Raven without paying 1M silver for it!

    Keep it up, im sure the latency problems will soon be over. And i can't wait to play this game lag-free, as i really enjoy the game even with the lag.

    But IF you are going to compensate, please don't hand out in-game currency. I believe it will mess with the marketplace prices.

    EDIT: I bought 180 days of premium, maybe that's why why i dont want more.
    But in all honesty, compensation isn't needed.
    thats the spirit! Which is very welcome in albion :)
  • Barathorn wrote:

    @PenguinSniper The issue I see is the 5.3 gear for gathering. Simply isn't needed and causes HUGE repair costs.

    When the server is having issues 4.1 basic gear is 100% your best friend.
    Thanks for the advice.

    I'm a little stubborn though, so I shouldn't really be complaining.

    I was using high powered (for a yellow map) weapons to cancel out the less than ideal abilities forced on me by using gathering gear, and testing my new gear too.


    Woah! Just re-read it.

    That's a really good suggestion! "When the server is having issues 4.1 basic gear is 100% your best friend."

    I'll be able to continue playing Albion today, thanks to you.
    » ᴘ ᴇ ɴ ɢ ᴜ ɪ ɴ • s ɴ ɪ ᴘ ᴇ ʀ « bit.ly/pokerface-albion

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  • xurich wrote:

    GODPURE wrote:

    also how about you start giving people free island relocator every 30 days... this would be a great quality of life change for people who would like to change regions/guilds
    legit wouldn't mind the ability to move island location (I don't care if it costs gold tho--it probably should cost gold to discourage it). But all chests/items should need to be removed from the island so that people cant leverage different city prices to their advantage
    then make it for premium users only, but 30 day cooldown of changing locations, and all chests/items needing to be removed is just an idiotic thing... if u r going to waste a 30 day cooldown on something so huge like this, for "selling" who gives a shit, it's more important to be able to change locations for guild purposes, or personal reasons of switching...
  • ChristyCloud wrote:

    xurich wrote:

    GODPURE wrote:

    how do you eat food or drink any liquids with it always being so full?
    Whaaah whaaah I'm not getting 12 months free premium over 7 days of intermittent lag!! I'm so salty over something so minor whaaah
    What are you talking about? The obvious solution to this situation is to heavily limit their theoretical income for the next 12 months so that we can experience the true "albion is offline because SBI went bust after giving away 12 months of income" experience.
    could be worse... lol when the game first launched, the game was like this for a whole month and they only gave us 3 days premium LOL and you could only select it for ONE of your characters... and since Robin is shockingly still working for SBI, good luck even getting a compensation... i quit the game over 2 years ago and returned 2 weeks ago to the same condition the servers were in back then lol *clap*
  • Sehr geehrtes Albion Support Team!
    Anhand des gemeldeten DDOS Angriffes wollte ich fragen ob der Hoster eventuell durch eine vorgelagerte CDN Lösung (Akamai, Cloudflare, etc…) entlastet werden könnte. Eine CDN Lösung ist grundsätzlich relativ kurzfristig realisierbar und mit geringen Ausfallszeiten verbunden. Offen ist die Frage der technischen Realisierbarkeit und der Kosten.
    Langfristig sehe ich aus dem Wechsel des Hosters keine Lösung, um künftigen DDOS Angriffen entgegenzuwirken.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen.

    Dear Albion Support Team!
    On the basis of the reported DDOS attack I wanted to ask if the hoster could possibly be relieved by an upstream CDN solution (Akamai, Cloudflare, etc ...). A CDN solution is basically relatively short-term feasible and associated with low downtime. The question of technical feasibility and costs is open.
    In the long term, I see no change from the hoster's solution to counteract future DDOS attacks.