New hellgates spawns

    • New hellgates spawns

      I think this suggestion will be approves by everyone.
      Why dont make hellgates respawn in all maps? Not 80 hellgates spread in the world, im talking about every map will have one. They can have 1-15 mins cooldown (or 1-29 as now). Its very frustrating when u only have few hours to play the game and have to wait 30+ mins (sometimes takes hours) for a hellgate spawn. Btw this is a pvp game and we want pvp content. i know theres anothers options for it but im talking about hellgates!
    • I have personally witnessed 5 different occasions just in the last couple of days where it took 20+ minutes for respawn. This is starting to become a consistent major inconvenience. Small guild players already need to contend with the 8k player alliance gank zergs just to get to the gates and now most of the time we also need to waste additional time waiting for gates.