Connection problem advise.

    • Connection problem advise.

      Ive spotted increased numbers of complains about lags. Im not saying that albion have good performance or anything like that. I want to just share my opinion, for some of you can take as advice.
      Use ethernet connection by using old school rj90 cable. I do have same experience which ALL of You share here mainly when I play this game when Im connected with internet using wifi.
      Im not saying that it should be end solution, thread it as temporary solution.
      It may be that the SBI server is fragile (like some kind of queen xD) on loses of information packages more then other servers and if that is the case, it could be improved by Devs. But it doesnt change, that "You" can work with it aswell in temp circumstances - because it may be unconfrtable or so on (bish bash bosh)...

      As we have increased number of same threads instead of having one "hot", do not expect that devs will relate to it. Because nowadays its looks, like those multiply threads which is same, want to force devs to relate to all of them.
      Just create One thread, allowing devs to make statement once and let them solve problem.

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    • Its rj45 cable (o yeah just a sidenote everything here on my house is using 10gb ethernet on cat7 ftp cable)
      and its all on the devs side , this is LITERALLY server lag spikes , i did a trace-route of all the servers until we get to the Albion one and they are all fine .
      i tried wtfast , and other vpns same issue , tried dif routes , if it would be just a few ppl lagging but its Everyone ,
      they need to fork up the cash and stop using an auto upgrade service cloud pay as u need system.
      that is what is causing this , or the servers they are using are maintained by a Neandertal
      that doesnt realize they are way above the limits and/or are having hardware failures
    • Yes, like all games, playing with cable it's more best experience than play with wifi.
      But it's valid only for people who have a bad conection.
      We have on Center of Paris, Wifi 700 mbs / s , so with cable, 5 Gb/s stables, i play all games with wifi, on albion, i dont have a lag, or what else, i see people making F, each time, i get lag very rare 1 or 2 times per day, during 2-3 min.
      I dont have any disconect, and ping around 60-70.
    • I dont have such a good ping like You, probably because of distributor from whom You have internet, but thank You for Your saying :) As You live in EU, and having such low ping, mean only that most players have garbage service from internet companies(for my point of view).
      @Humain.Intelligence, could you share with as Your upload speed, please?

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    • Yes Here you are , a copy paste, sorry for this bad paste...

      Moyenne 372.3 Mb/s Crête 382.2Mb/s Envoi  Moyenne 198.4 Mb/s  Crête 213.5 Mb/s Latence 6 Ms Orange 10 Gb/s Paris

      Just make Sure, im on wifi, and im at 11 meters of the Relay point wifi, of my box, so of the center of my box, im at 11M long + 2 M hight ( I live on a big house )
      And i have , today 82 ms right now, since is night and a loot of people conected.

      Yes i have lags during 3 or 5 Seconds, but not like all people say during 2 minuts.. This is produced by your ethernet traffic.
      Also in my house, my wife and my kid use ethernet, Apple TV 4k, and 2 others Computers runing because i work on a Transport Company, and i need stay conected all time.
      So we understand all people who crys because it's unplayable, when i got 14 years old i mean the same and crying because i get a bad computer and , i remember 15 years ago, wifi was 512 kb/s :D
      I know to much possibilities exist for reduce your lag / ping, and just a small community of people know it, and no talk about it.
      You can reduce your lag ( no using a program like Semlag, Exitlag , No ping , or you can try spending your money, but you dont reduce litteraly your ping ) For reduce it, you need to param your 'box' , i dont know how to say on english if is correctly, box is the name here in france of you ethernet material. Try using differents dns, ip, and open or close your 'ports' , your firewall..., close all your phones of wifi, tell to your mom turn off the tv working with ethernet.. You have to much possibilities.
      It's not only a Wall, reduces your wifi, a simply 'new mouse' of ultimate generation can reduce your wifi, like Razer Naga Trinity or others, and you dont know it, like Juice 100% fruit, yes but it's not more best than a normal juice, because they have a tons of sugar inside.
      The reality it's like a hide, on BO4, when you play camaleon, and you are a Plant, in the middle of the map and no anyone see you.... This is the reality.
      Just turn on your brain for know the solution about this lag.

      Also i think the servers are not prepared for a this quantity of people are playing right now, they need to amplify he's servs, it's sure.
      But for know it, it's a tons of dollars for spend in a servers, on my company the servers they have for the transport, with the firewall and all options, it's around 300.000 dollars, and we are a company of only 50 people and 70 trucks... So see with a company like Battlenet, or others... it's not the same.

      Be patient, and enjoy :)
    • Yes upload is around 200 mb/s , it's not bad, but upload it's not the point for this game, with 30 mb/s you can play it, also i think with the ancien ethernets, like 10 years ago, you can play, so with 2 mb/s sure you can play.
      Just is traffic.

      Like others games have this same issue, in the past, tibia, a big mmorpg, started at same time of wow, but in 2d, you get a map of the route the ethernet make..
      So , You live in Paris, you ethernet go to: Germany, China, Russia, Canada, And on the server region, it's an exemple,
      This is the problem, you can solve it at 50% with a programs paying, like Noping, but .. i'm not sure it's really 100%, yes i try it on Tibia / and others mmo, like the servers are on china...
      And they reduce 30-60 of your ping. Also And Im waiting the reply about the Support & Community manager, because i know him,
      On others mmorpg, when you lose your conection, you are NOT attackable, but this works on mmo, like, Tera / Tibia / WoW... For Albion i dont know, and it's a security provided by this program, after the question, is legal to use it for albion? I dont know...
    • yea,
      Usually Ive 100 ping, with some expection for 1-5sec with spikes of lag which come maybe max to 300.
      But I dont use wifi - on which I experience this what some ppl claim that majority of ppl have...
      I wish to have better pc so I could use opportunity and kill those who have lags xD
    • A loot of people say ' get a best pc ', but it's false, i play with a Super computer gamer.. yes, for a big Graphics games, with a 2 rtx2080, 32 gb of ram.. And i have a Laptop buyed at 200€, the difference on Albion into this 2 Computers, it's only the graphics, full in one and the other computer medium ( and he ups to 70 degrees, incredible, my gamer are at 35 degrees.. it's /2 ) , the lags no changes nothing, same ping, same upload/download conection.
      Also i have eared, in the past, and tested for Wow, change the Ethernet base in computer, increased to 1gb fiber conections, also this dont change nothig.

      Really who can helps us for 20-40 of the ping is using a vpn or patient for this ddos finishes...
    • yea, i mean lag of pc, which is frames drop on my laptop with linux ^^
      My solution with ethernet work for me very well and i dont have connection problem with server(in scale which is presented by many on this forum)

      Im done with this, I cant post more about it as I do start repeat myself which cant lead to anything good :)

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