A special feature not everyone will like

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  • A special feature not everyone will like

    We will add a feature where I am quite sure a lot of people wont like it, but we want to take the opportunity of the alpha to evaluate its effects.

    What is the feature about?
    • If more than 5 players (so 6) are close by they will all be shown on the minimap
    • It doesnt matter if they are in the same group or guild

    Why did we do it in general?
    • We want to encourage players to run around in smaller groups (in this case groups of 5)
    • And despite giving incentives like Hellgates or Events to do that
    • We also want to give penalties to larger groups

    What about large scale PVP in general?
    • As it stands right now for release we will have a special area of the world where this feature will be turned off.
    • It will also be an important area, designed for larger groups
    • However for the more common PvP areas we want to encourage small groups

    Do we think 5 is the right number for this feature?
    • We dont know yet for sure!
    • But we want to test the most extreme version in this alpha

    How to abuse it?
    • Be aware that some guilds will try to avoid this by running in two groups of 5 with the necessary gap between them
    • this will require very good coordination but we are aware that this will happen
    • However we think that
      • it is difficult
      • the time needed to catch up is somewhere around 15 seconds
      • And it is better to fight 5 vs "2 waves of 5" instead of 5 vs 20 ;)
    • In the future we might combine this feature with our Zerg-algorithem to avoid future abuse

    Kind regards,
  • How will this appear on the map, say for a castle fight, where there could be up to 200+ players on the map (One massive blob making the map unseeable?), and won't this kill any chance for a surprise attack on said castle, unless they are all very carefully and strategically grouped?

    [EDIT: It seems like an interesting take on the issue, by the way]
    • As it stands right now the castles don't have a very important meaning anyway.
    • We will change this but not for this Alpha.
    • My experience so far was that surprise attacks didnt' really happen.
    • Instead the brave warriors where looking for each other.
    • So actually in the last alpha when the big groups formed they were constantly looking for each other wanting to fight the other big group.
    • And this is ofc still possible, but the small 3 men group gathering can now more easily avoid the big group
    • And as I wrote in my original post for the CB we will create special areas (maybe with better castles) for big fights.
  • I remember on multiple occasions, seeing the overladen ox single player bait, to lure one group in for another group to attack, now both groups will be identified on the map, making this strategy less effective.

    Other lie in wait strategies may also be ineffective now as well.

    This also probably means that caravans of players transporting goods will be marked targets on the map, making them an easier target for PKers. Depending on how a group shows up on the map, 5+ dots or a blob, it may be suitable for deceptive purposes (tactically speaking)
  • Actually i like this feature. Its not fun to being ganged by zerg when you are solo / no fun to zerg gang single guy, but its fun to meet another equal group. But i think it would be better to make it 10 ppl together minimum instead of 5. About castle fights and massive battles its not a problem that you see enemies on map, Imagine middle ages battle, two armies preparing for the fight, generals standing on the hills can the whole battlefield and coordinate battle.

    Also now it require some tactics to make an ambush. Not like before, creating big blob of death, running around world map, destroying everything that was unlucky and get on its way.

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  • Bercilak wrote:

    Yes but not for this alpha. We want to combine them with a special stealth mechanic to allow "scouting" as a role.

    right on mate.

    just note you will never be able to stop the zerg, but you sure can make is harder for them to exist.

    this new mechanic once worked out correctly will be a nice feature.

    Bercilak wrote:

    If more than 5 players (so 6) are close by they will all be shown on the minimap

    how close must they be by?
  • well atleast you know its a stupid idea and not many people will like it
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) Riot!1!

    Mar 2nd 2015 - Hi @Pagodin ,

    very good formatting. Makes it easy to quickly get what you are aiming for.
    Consider yourself as part of the pvp testing team (in case you want to)!

  • There are several problems I can see possibly happening with this feature:

    1. Assuming that the gap between groups is larger than 15s by walking, the radius is definately longer than what your screen shows. If I were to roam with 4 guys (So 5 players), wouldn't we be able to get a 'maphack' against any other players who enters within that radius, as they would be shown to us in the minimap (Of course vice versa as well, but it's more advantageous to the gankers)? Unless there is some small delay somewhere in this algorithm, this seems to be abuseable.

    2. A hard limit is not necessarily the best way of going (especially since it's as low as 5.) For example, in a PvE run where guildies are more or less really close especially if it's a small group, it would be much more advantageous to be at group of 5 and refusing to take that sixth player who so much wish to play as well. A game that is mostly played with a guild this seems to be rather odd.

    Donoke: Can I join your group?
    Snowman: No, you'll endanger all of us, go farm some carrots instead.

    3. Large groups are already punished before they even enter that area specialized for them, as they can be just scouted before they enter those special clusters.

    4. Abuseable by gating in from specialized clusters.

    I won't go against you trying this feature in the next alpha, since it's called testing for a reason. Consider this just a feedback from the future provided the future me is not horribly wrong.

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  • I don't think I quite like it. When the Game Designers make such an effort to equalize the distortions in the amounts of players (guild-related or not) it kind of restricts the way how players themselves can fix this.

    For instance if you see a group of 5 in a PK area and you're only one, what would you do? Turn back and run away as fast as possible. Use any skill you have for it (teleport, invisibility, etc.). But if you see them on the minimap you won't even get close to them and you will be able to see if they're follwing you or not.

    For me this cuts the thrill of it. Maybe if you can use a magic item or a spell like Incognito on UO and disappear temporarily from the map..

    Too much information = less expectation = less fun.

  • Lets just go the whole hog Bercilak, Remove alliances, remove guilds, lets all just solo farm and pvp
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) Riot!1!

    Mar 2nd 2015 - Hi @Pagodin ,

    very good formatting. Makes it easy to quickly get what you are aiming for.
    Consider yourself as part of the pvp testing team (in case you want to)!