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    • Morvan the Healer - GeekyPirate's Adventures

      I've decided to get myself involved into creating a journal and creating a roleplay-like/lore story that hopefully fits into the world of Albion. I will create a codex eventually. @baddab got me inspired to do this after seeing his Dron the Paladin post. I will write and put out some graphics to support the story. Feedback & ideas are always welcome.
      It's late, I made some mockup story, will refactor later. Also created the first comic :)

      Also, could someone let me know if they can see the picture? Im serving this straight out of my Google Drive... this is a temporary solution until I find a suitable host.

      Whoopsie, also made a spelling mistake in the graphic, will correct tomorrow :) See if anyone spots it :)



      Morvan the HealerMorvan was born on the exotic lands of Mycena. Serving as druid, learning the ways of the wild. Learning his craft by mending the wounded through herbalism and controlling the spirits of the world. The neighboring lands to Mycena were inhabited by Elves. Morvan travelled those lands for years making friends and learning many usefull skills. His elven friends thought Morvan the ways of healing by magic.

      Then a great war swept across the continent. A folk called the Algren, made of thieving, whoring, vile and necromancing people were greedy for power. They drove the elven people of their lands. Unmatched in their unholy power they claimed all elven and human lands.

      Morvan was forced to leave, aboard a pirate ship he made it to Albion shores. He now roams the world to help people that need healing in Albion. This is where Morvan’s story begins.

      For intro, read Morvan's backstory for now :)

      Chapter 1

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