Round 2 of ideas/More items/deco

    • Round 2 of ideas/More items/deco

      As it seems you listened to me when I proposed some ideas about deco and stuff, I will propose some more:

      1. NPC obtainable my silver or Gold - 1 Week renewal or monthly - Picks up all your crops for you
      -Option 1 - Picks it all up but you get 10% less than if you did it yourself - You still have to stash it (Similar Option as when you destroy a plot and a bag appears)
      -Option 2 - Picks it all up for you but you got 2-3 hours to get to the NPC or he starts eating the food, after 21hrs 59Mins, all food is consumed and cycle for the next day starts over

      2. Similar idea to the NPC above, NPC feeds all animals, you have to feed the NPC with stacks of food and he feeds the animals
      - If NPC runs out of food, pets are not feed, and become ill (x2 Consume for 1 week)

      3. More deco, and usable stuff

      - Horse water trough - You can put horses/mounts inside and they will repair automatically after 6-24 hours depending the tier

      - Actual fence - so you can close up areas, all corners meet up - Maybe use the graphics of the cage for the animal breeder, but in large dimensions (RP reasons)

      - Rework/redesign the Heretic playing table - Actually make it as a minigame inside to play Chess or Checkers (You can sit at either side of the table)

      - Sunbed/waterslide to add to the beach on the personal islands, or some deco '' Beach orientated'' - You can lie on it and auto unequips all gear and char makes a cry/noise,
      ''OHH this if life or something like that''

      - Deco to add to the water in Guild islands and personal islands

      - Bungee jump rope - To be added to the bridges on the islands (Place on the edge and it overhangs)

      - Personal Island bank box - Reason, to transfer money between alt in the same account, only works with the same account to avoid exploits of goldsellers or whatever

      - Banner - Shows you guilds banner in Big

      - Musical instruments to be placed - Similar sounds to the recruter trumpet, which I believe you should bring back!!

      - Morgana Ballistas deco or upgrade to Morgana Cannon - Make them shoot if someone goes near them or bring the Morgana canon!!! New deco that can shoot, no damage tho!

      - Hangman noose/platform - To be placed anywhere, shows someone hanged

      - Prisoner in cage or in wooden palisade - like you see in the films, NPC with head and hands through the wooden palisade restrain

      - Prisoner NPC - Being quartered - Legs and arms pulled apart by a mechanism or by pets

      - King arthur stone - Stone with a swords stuck through it

      - Graveyard deco - Be able to make a cementery in the island, we already got the tombs/morgana poles/Stone head things, we need a few more items to top it up

      - Mannequin - You put items on it to display

      4. Dye tubs for chests, make the chests in personal islands custom colours, or for arrangement reasons for a guild

      5. Shark/Fish mount - As expressed before, if we have a bone horse/fire tiger/spectral horse, why not also have some marine animals as mounts!!

      Thanks for your time
      @Evas_Flarelight @PrintsKaspian @Elsa @Korn @Retroman @H4n1baL

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