Associate bug

    • Associate bug

      It seems that if someone has enough time, to manually add enough guilds, he can advertise his city shop as low % tax, and high associate tax and lure customers to their shop.

      Why would an associate pay more than everyone else?

      suggestions to fix this:

      1) either update the tooltip so on mouseover it tells you if you are an associate or not
      2) either have associate fees never exceed normal fees
      3) either ask for consent to guilds or players if they actually want to be associates.

      check screenshots:

    • Yup, noticed this just now in some forges in Fort Sterling, My friend was talking about it earlier, he lost over 150K just trying to smelt some ore. Super unfair and needs to be fixed ASAP. It's already dumb enough having to pan through the map to find these shops with no filters, now with this bug its even worse.
    • Coincidentally, I just posted a PSA about this. Will copy here:

      For the new players who don't understand how this works, they've set everyone as associates, so while it may look like you're paying 1%, you're actually paying 999% usage fee.

      Make sure to check on the station itself

      Brought to you by the Fort Sterling Trading Company, where you'll always find the best prices in town

      ps. If you're a station owner, or want to be, shoot me a message and we'll coordinate bids for next auction cycle, which starts next week. Only requirement is that you're committed to lowering the usage fees in Fort Sterling. Also always looking for farmers and cooks, these stations eat a lot of food.
    • By the way, they aren't adding every guild as an associate, they're simply putting 'Other Players' as associates.

      and while we're here, the 'Someone has changed the settings! Closing settings...' bug is incredibly frustrating when you're trying to add (legitimate) associates. There seems to be a shared lock here, or similar implementation flaw.