Add guild island Crystal gvgs

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    • Add guild island Crystal gvgs

      It's common knowlegde that the amount of players that gvg for territory control is very small compared to the whole population and instead of asking the devs to develop new (much needed) varying ways of territory control which would take a lot of development ressources, i've repeadetly heard of the suggesstion to make cgvg accessible via guild islands.

      This way we could get more players into gvg by creating regular full loot gvg opportunities for all kinds of guilds by providing crystal gvg slots to fully upgraded guild islands. These Cgvg slots (one eu and one na) would give less rewards than a t1 territory tower but they would still provide a few season points and energy enough for the guild to feel like they are competing.

      This would have the following benefits:
      - Guilds without terries would get gvg opportunities which would eventually lead them into the open world gvg scene when they are comfortable enough
      - Large guilds with already established gvg teams wouldn't send their best players for the guild island gvgs as it provides less rewards than an actual terri cgvg. This would get newer players to gvg against others with similar skill levels.
      - Wouldn't require a lot of dev ressources as the cgvg arena is already developed. The "battlevault" for the cgvg could be a terri tower copy pasted into a corner of the guild island where you can store gear before a battle.
      - More overall 5v5 content for the general population.
      - Would make gvg seasons matter more for the general population.
      - Would create a silver sink in the form of the gear that trashes during these cgvg battles.
      - Would add a function to the guild islands rather than them just being additional storage or meeting/mass up locations.