Big Lag in Europe Region (Turkey) (For Responsibles, Urgently)

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    • Big Lag in Europe Region (Turkey) (For Responsibles, Urgently)


      This night (20.05.2019, Europe Region Time Zone), for over 4-5 hours in my region, Turkey, we have a huge lag and can't play the game, our characters disconnect every 5-10 mins and while in game we are pushed back. Is there a problem with the servers? Can you check the servers please? Can you make a comment about the problem resource please? Is the problem same with the first times Albion Online encountered like server attacks??? How long it will take to solve the problem?

      Additional Note: In the first days of Albion if my memory serves me correctly DEV were telling other big online platforms and gold sellers were DDoS attacking on your server, ls the source same? Who is attacking, can you explain transparently like in old days?

      Thank You,

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