Best build to transport goods between Caerleon and royal cities

    • Best build to transport goods between Caerleon and royal cities

      I am not sure about :

      -Which mount to use? Armored T5 horse? A disposable T3 horse? Maybe an ox, and if so, which tier?
      -What is the best gear for the task? Gathering gear?
      -What about the weapon?

      Right now I use Armored T5 horse, mining T4 gear and no weapon. When I get stunned by a ganking group I get killed 100% of the times. I would appreciate some advice to boost my survivability

      Thanks in advance
      ¡Santiago y cierra, España!
    • Witiza wrote:

      Thanks, I bought the stag. Should I use any weapons with escape spells?
      Use great nature staff with cleanse on w and first q also cleanse cape if u wana go more expensive and if u go for ox bring atleast like an t7 one if not armored horse is best for survival u can also use more cleanses like mercenary hood and inviz on assasin jacket and some soldier boots for wonderlust.
    • If you’re straight up transporting you shouldn’t be using spells that will put you in combat.

      Bloodletter, mistcaller, specter hood, assassin jacket, soldier boots. Undead cape, invis potions. It’s all about avoiding dmg and chase entirely by being invis.

      Use soldier boots then hit assassins chest, when assassins runs out and your soldier stacks max use your Invis potion and run invis at max stacks for 6s. When it wears off dash twice and keep moving or mount

      With this you can run into mobs or random dungeons for safety.

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    • If you are moving a lot of stuff you use an Ox or Mammoth. Plate everything, a Sarcophagus.shield and a Fort Sterling Cape. Give up the idea of survival post dismount and just be the best unstoppable tank you can. There are some marginally better mounts for some circumstances, but the cost (and also the temptation to chase you) goes up.

      If you are just trying to move stuff that falls within the base carry +bag +shoes limit. Use something really fast or an armored horse, and gear with the highest amount of escape and mobility you can. Bloodletter/Mistcaller is still the favorite I think. Probably leather armor or gathering gear, maybe something with wanderlust and invis.
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    • IMO, the best mount for transporting is the direboar. It's fast (115% - equivalent to a T7 horse, only 15% slower than a direwolf), tanky (885 HP + armor) and has decent carry weight (+1250 kg, a bit less than a T3 Ox but still plenty). I go bloodletter, shield, with full plate armor and a fort sterling cape. The idea is to just not get dismounted, turn as soon as you see any red names and even a fast mount gank squad will have trouble catching you unless you run into a dead end.

      Anything with more carry weight is too slow and liable to be caught by a direwolf squad. I learned this the hard way getting ganked by direwolves when I was on a grizzly bear in the tunnel between Fort Sterling and Caerleon.

      And if you don't need the carry weight, it's best to use a fast mount like a swift claw or a T7/T8 armored horse. In those cases I run mistcaller offhand with soldier boots to get distance and remount.
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    • Thank you all, you were really helpful.

      I only have one more doubt, does the fort sterling cape work while mounted? Usually gankers stun me and I can't move until my horse dies. I guess that cape prevents being stuned while riding, am I right?
      ¡Santiago y cierra, España!