Creating the Ultimate gambling system for you guys

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    • Creating the Ultimate gambling system for you guys

      Hello Albion player's.We are creating a Casino for Albion Online.We have been doing gambling for last 2 week, and we realised that you guys really love gambling.Probably some of you already saw us at Sterling market.And now we are making our business bigger,we are creating a discord server for our customers.For now it's gonna be a beta.We gonna keep using Random number generator.Between 60-100 doubles your money, still the same.But in the future we are also thinking about adding a token system for our discord,So you guys can also play when we are offline.Buy token from us(Etc. each token 10k) and play diffrent gamling games.Make tokens then withdraw ingame from us.We have a info channel at our discord.But if you have any questions you can join and ask. Good luck on your bets .

      You can join and ask
      Founder of the Albion Casino :)