Hi! Pays off to have waited a few weeks with starting

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    • Hi! Pays off to have waited a few weeks with starting

      Hello there,

      I'm new to the game.
      I've played a full loot pvp game in the past (Wurm Online) which seems to be even more harsh when you loose, since reaching the location you died to maybe recover your items usually takes so much longer xD Otherwise just playing mmos like GW2 and ESO.

      I took a look at the game with my husbands account, and I have to say, having waited these few weeks since f2p launch made the start so much more enjoyable. There are still lots of players, but it changed from every source node depleted to just seeing fellow gatheres that you pass. I love gathering, farming, and especially cooking, although I hate that it's mainly sowing, waiting a day, hervesting xD Still having a lot of fun though.

      I'll probably take a slow beginning, trying out all of the weapon and armor choices, but I'm looking forward to getting into pvp in the future. :)