How to deal with trolling on yellow hg?

    • baibiscuit wrote:

      How can we deal with people who troll a party while channeling the entrance portal to the hellgates?
      The channeling time Is way to long, allowing this trolls just to spam skill from far away, making imposible to enter the hellgate

      *RAISE HAND*

      GUILTY sowwy

      if you in lazy grass sorry was having fun with my raven XD.. i go in and i troll with my raven fear..

      raven has a passive that if you hit hiim he fears.. so i go in fear.. i go in and they hit me fear lol..... mist caller and omelete lowers the cool down fear...

      if you in lazy grass i so0o0o0o0o0wy XDDD.. if you not in lazy grass. well hehehe someone is doing this in my stead over there....
      Random dungeon