Crazy FPS drop even in Island

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    • Crazy FPS drop even in Island


      Hello there, I'm using an iMac from the 2012's so first of all I thought it would be a temperature issue but just installed Macs Fan Control and saw that even when the temperature is ok (50º) the frame rates are arriving at <10, I'm not talking about GvG, ZvZ, I'm not talking about inside the cities... I'm talking about arenas, solo dung or even my own Island.

      Talking with a friend he said that maybe I had a memory RAM issue but after I told him i have 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 he said it shouldn't be the problem. Oh, and I run all the graphics low (static framerate to 30) and all that stuff.

      So, it's not the RAM, it's not the temperature... what else can it be? A week ago I could play more or less smoothly all the content but now, all of a sudden, i just can't.

      Maybe its after the patch?

      Any suggestions?

      I'd really appreciate the feedback... I just love this game so bad ;(

      Thank you!