Weight bug

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    • Hi, my max weight is 3549kg(before i start moving slower) and i have around 2000kg on me, not counting that my mining bag should reduce the weight by 30% because its all ore, problem is i am at 100% weight already


      It shows that 999 iron ores is 20,1% of my total weight, 509kg is not 20% of 3549 kg, + all the ore weight should be reduced by 30% because of the bag, please fix this or explain to me what am I missing
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      I just found this forum and I too just posted about the weight bug, I emailed support and told me to come here.

      The weight system and mechanics with character and loads do not work correctly.

      My proof:
      I have the following items on my character in slot:
      Novice's Bag: Weight 1.5kg
      Adept Scholar Cowl: Weight 1.7kg
      Journeyman's Cape: Weight 1.1kg
      Adept's Great Nature Staff: Weight 6.8kg
      Adept's Guardian Armor: Weight 3.4kg
      Adept's Soldier Boots: Weight 1.7kg
      Journeyman's Transport Ox: Weight 15.8kg

      In my bag I have:
      Journeyman's Fishing Rod: Weight 1.1kg
      Journeyman's Pickaxe: Weight 1.1kg
      Journeyman's Stone Hammer: Weight 1.1kg
      Journeyman's Skinning Knife: Weight 1.1kg
      Journeyman's Axe: Weight 1.1kg
      Journeyman's Sickle: Weight 1.1kg
      Journeyman's Demolition Hammer: Weight 1.1kg
      Carrot Soup: Weight 3.5kg

      When you add all this up you get a total weight of: 43.2kg

      Character details say my max load is 144kg

      However, I am at 93% load

      Here is the messed up part, The Novice bag add's +44kg that is why my max load is at 144kg.
      If I remove the novice bag from character slot into inventory, I got back down to 100kg max weight, and now I am 138% overweight even tho I still have 43.2kg
      "You can carry a max load of 100kg before your move speed is reduced" Which is a lie because now that I removed the Novice's bag my move speed went from 5.5 to 2.8m/s and my character is crawling.

      I have no idea how long people have been playing the game without noticing or saying anything but there is def an issue with the weight mechanics in the game.