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    • Now im mad - Gatherer

      How TF can it be true that i get locked from entering a portal by using getaway tactics from gathering gear. i used the log-drop spell. and then i couldn't go through portal because i was in combat?. duude i was wearing Full T6 Lumberjack gear + t6 backpack...i had a 60% load of bloodoak. no way was i getting into a fight. but pussies decided to attack me. 3 on one. the gank is too strong in this game. they make all my money while doing jack shit. wtf Albion.

      Tell me then. how TF am i supposed to get away from dickhead gankers. looking to ruin 3 hours of a persons day?
    • Calm down mate. If it's any consolation I lost 2.3 million because someone killed me by pretending to be friendly.

      You die and you lose stuff in this game. I would suggest you take a breather and think about how you're going to do better next time. Honestly if you can't handle that you're getting ganked 3v1 then it's not the game for you.

      Some tips: get a mount with sturdy hit points and learn your maps. Do not wait to get that one last log, just mount up when you see an enemy frame pop up.

      Do not use any spells that will knock back gankers as this will flag you as outlaw (it's still an attack even if you're evading). Do not carry a gigantic amount.

      But seriously mate, calm yourself off, choose a new area and learn your strategy. Sometimes it's better to just run away if you can. If you got dismounted and you were carrying all that, unless you have a movement spell off CD and you're close to the portal - you're dead anyway.

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    • Samashaus wrote:

      Also my personal tip, if you're really salty at getting ganked try to trash as much of your stuff as possible. I got ganked on my 1m Swamp Dragon - they wanted me for that mostly. I trashed it as I died and told them :P
      You do realize stuff that was trashed within 2 minutes of the kill is still lootable?
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      Despite what every one is suggesting this is not a player vs player game.

      Sturdy hps on a mount means nothing when the zerg comes with a few on dire wolfs to slow down and kill a single person.

      And yes staying out of red zones might of been a valid option YEARS ago. But the dev have openly admitted that the starting zones were never intended to handle the mass of people that came with the f2p launch.
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      Get a fast mount, swiftclaws/T7 armored horses are a great option. If you have weak pathing and find yourself getting caught by gankers the last thing you want is a mount that will allow you to go overweight when dismounted.

      Use a weapon with high mobility like a bloodletter & mistcaller.

      If you ever get dismounted carry invisible potions and use them when you have no dot spells on you. NEVER use a spell/potion that will engage you in combat with your ganker(s) unless it is a last resort.

      Stay off roads with choke points. If you get chased by a random on mount and feel like you are approaching a road block take a hard turn off road. If you are gathering a node and you are scouted remount and do a quick surveillance before resuming to ensure noone has dismounted off screen ready to invis run up to you. And make sure to utilize the pop up map of your zone, it is great to toggle on and off when using auto run to make your pathing more efficient!

      Expect to die a lot before you learn all the tips and tricks to staying alive and being an efficient gather. Good luck out there.
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      Im happy bout all the tips. But i already know this stuff.
      The thing is. ive learned to get away from gankers before i started using gathering gear.

      I have been ganked a lot in the past. and i am okay with being ganked. the real point of the post is to rage about the fact that Evasion spells. makes you unable to access portals.
      which. IMHO is just bad game development.

      the gatherer lifestyle revolves around sneaking around. taking detours. scoot when danger appears. outsmart gankerers. and i am doing all this stuff.. it just really came as a surprise that the
      Evasion spells on Gathering gear. makes you unable to make a full escape..