Average Volume in the market history window.

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    • Average Volume in the market history window.

      Like This:

      It's a small and simple change that can make a huge difference for traders and crafters. The volume is an important variable to measure how fast an item sells and can be a definitive factor to decide on what item to expend or time and effort.

      The information is already in the chart, but it's hard to compile an average for the timeframe. :rolleyes:
    • In this same vein, it would be really great if the volume chart was a 2 color stick. One color for that specific item/quality (shorter) and another one for all of the volume of that item/all qualities.

      When you want to see how many of, say, a T4.1 Claws are selling, currently you have to cycle through all the different qualities and add them together in your head. It's not a super big deal, but its 5 times as time consuming to do.

      The Average Volume could be listed as Avg. Item_Quality Volume (Avg. Total_Item Volume) to.
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