[Request] Ask for TANK weapon balance revision

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    • [Request] Ask for TANK weapon balance revision

      Hammer is quite unpopular in the current meta I would like to ask a balance revision

      Mace is over buffed with the new camalan mace who air compressor + stun.

      I feel it's not very logic. As Mace is known as snare weapon why it can stun like a hammer ?

      Mace :
      • Camalan Mace should aircompressor + snare. Not aircompressor + stun
      Hammer :

      Suffering of lack of skills as Mace can snare, aoe silence, air compressor... Hammer can only stun...
      • Hammer should have an ability like Threatening Smash but with debuff, more armor pierce ability (or overtime).
      • Grove keeper landing should be more fast and extended range of 20m at least as camlman mace can reach 24m...
      • Great hammer range or applicable radius area should be bit increased
      • Forge hammer should be revised to be more dps oriented
      Quaterstaff :
      • Disagree with the removal of knock back of Hurricane on mob it's not very logic.
      • Instead of Heavy cleave, add a cone shape skill who can aggro mob ?
      • Blackmonk still very useless, as staff Known as displacement weapon, why not do a long range reverse windwall ? Instead of that debuff skill ?

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    • I have to agree with this. Not to rework Camlan mace but to rework other TANK weapons so they will become useful.

      You can theoretically tank with anything but we all know that Air compressor is the best skill for tanking in dungeons. There isn't any other skill that is close to it in terms of having positive effect for your party and clearing speed.
    • its kinda confusing cause hammers have
      1. Iron Breaker a debuff armor pierce on a 3s CD
      2. Groves are OP as is, its an insanely large stun radius compared to any other stun weapon
      3 Ghammer needs an reduction in its knockback, so it doesnt ruin clumps.
      5. Forgehammers needs a range proportional to its size, aka long arms long Auto Attack range,

      hurricane on mobs was to allow iroclad into fame farm at all,
      sure add a diff spell than heavy cleave
      blackmonk is nice but yea its impact is pretty insignificant maybe it knocks inwards on the same interval it stacks. so it sort of compresses the way old blackmonk did.

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    • Grovekeeper is still strong for zvz, but new Camlann feels so much more powerful and impact-full now which kinda of puts grove in it's shadow a little bit.

      The rest of the hammers are pretty bad. As long as firewall is meta, great hammer will never be near as good as ironclad or heavy mace for tank spot. Firewall prevents forge hammers from ever getting to backline, which is normal for a bruiser but forge hammer is single target auto attack burst damage which will never be better than aoe (spear/axe).

      The only somewhat viable hammer options are 1h, polehammer, and possibly tombhammer. None of which I'd prefer over ironclad or heavy mace for 5v5. Hammers suffered a lot from soldier armor nerfs because other bruisers just perform the role better, and that was the last time hammers were in meta.