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    • Dark Stars are recruiting active players for activities like RD, BZ, HG Gathering and more. We are a dynamically developing guild with many activities for both new and experienced players. Joining us is equal to joining big (ARCH) Alliance group, where we are a real part of wars, investments and strategies.

      By joining us you get:
      1.Health and active community,
      2.Daily missions,
      3.Simple low taxes,
      4.Promotion opportunity,
      5.PayBack system (in progress).

      What do we expect from You?

      1.Respect our rules,
      2.Be active and initiating,
      3.Learn the game to make progress,
      4.Always use Guild Discord Channel,
      5.Have fun :)

      If you want to be a part of our progress don't waste your valuable time and join us now! We are Dark Stars!!!


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