New Building For Small Building Plot

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    • New Building For Small Building Plot

      In order to make more use of the small building plots, which often get left empty unless you particularly want a Butcher or Smelter on your island.

      Effectively a bank for personal islands.
      Or to put it another way, an outdoors chest.

      A 64-slot storage facility, with the max weight limited by building tier.
      Or, you could just have two or three different sized versions say at T4, T6 and T8 sizes.

      Further limited by the fact that you can only build a maximum of two on any island.

      I know it's easy enough to put chests in existing houses, or use the bank in the city, but this would add some extra flexibility.
    • As much as I'd also like something to do with those tiny spaces, it takes a shitload of bricks to upgrade buildings, in contrast to the handful of resources needed for chests. Would really prefer if a building could be made that provides a more viable option for the cost. Maybe something that provides a buff to other things on the islands? A silo that increases chance of getting seeds of plants the same tier as the building or lower? A stable stall that does the same for animals? A bath/outhose that universally boosts laborer happiness for all houses in the area? Probably asking for something that increases focus/lp growth would be a bit much, though those would also be nice.
    • I've thought about this some more.

      It would be better if this was (as it says) a Store HOUSE.

      It would work like a small house, so rather than have 64 slots, it would be able to store furniture (scaled down obvs) so you could put chests into it as a means of organising your stuff.

      I would suggest the following;

      T4 Adept's Storehouse : Max Furniture = 5
      T6 Master's Storehouse: Max Furniture = 8
      T8 Elder's Storehouse: Max Furniture = 10
    • Hm, Limit of 1 per island. and then not sure if placeable or a small building slot. I kinf of have mixed feelings of near the front like the bank chest just has a spot, or, having it be a small building spot (we have 2 buildings... smelter and butcher, not everyone needs both, and very few people do. Or having it placeable, Could actually make it a silver sink from farming merchant to start.

      Honestly the more I go into this, I kind of want a preset location, but that would mean 1 set location, or allowing us to change our island layout. I would love having more then 1 island layout, and to prevent issues with decorations, if you do change them, push them into a temporary remove only chest. If each building slot is preassigned, moving the buildings shouldn't be an issue.