Bad Intentions Recruiting for Summer Alpha

  • Bad Intentions Recruiting for Summer Alpha


    Greetings everyone, my name is Chris, better known as projeckthirty in many mmo's I play, wanting to extend an invitation to a new guild I will be creating during the summer alpha testing. I've been gaming for around 18 years and have been playing mmorpg's for the last 10 or so years. My first love was Ultima Online and to this day nothing brings back the feeling of a true sandbox until I found Albion Online. I've played all the big name mmo's and this is what I'm planning to sink all of my time into. I mostly pvp but noticed in the last alpha I had a great time gathering and crafting in Albion Online so plan to take advantage of everything this game has to offer. Now that you know a little about me lets get into what the guild will be.

    Bad Intentions

    As a leader of many guilds before, I noticed one of the big things is some guilds limit who can join and what their main focus will be. Bad Intentions will be an "all around guild". What do I mean by this? We will recruit anyone from a veteran player to a newcomer that is looking for a group to play with. As long as you can follow the rules and contribute you're part you will be welcomed with open arms. I will never limit you to a play style that you don't enjoy. If all you want to do is gather and craft, then go for it we will support you all the way. If you are a hardcore pvper, we want you to get you're thrill and hopefully be able to supply you with the gear you need. The main thing is we will be loyal to the guild and have each others backs no matter what the outcome will be.

    Summer Alpha Plan's

    As stated above we want you to enjoy whatever aspect of the game you are interested in, without pressuring you into a play style you don't enjoy. With that being said at the launch of the summer alpha we want to be organized. If you are interested in crafting we will assign a role to you in the beginning. We don't want 10 crafters trying to gain experience in making all the same armor, weapons... If you're main focus is gathering and exploring, we will ask that you feed these assigned crafters that material they need until we are set on gear. Once we are established, feel free into level up in any crafting skills you would like. We want to make sure that everyone contributing gets paid some type of way, either through equipment they need or through currency. All those that are interested in pvp will be assigned to a leader and venture out for the thrills and kills.

    What We Need

    We will be looking for leaders of different aspects of the game. If you have played any alpha test before and have good knowledge of a certain aspect (crafting,gathering,pvp), you will have the chance to be assigned as a leader. You will be in charge of your specialty and a group of new players, helping them understand the basics. PvP leaders will plan raids and battles, they will also make sure any problems with our gatherers being killed is taken care of. Crafter leaders will make sure our crafters are gaining experience in what they are assigned to and helping answer and questions they may have. We will also need leaders making sure those crafters are getting the materials they need from our gatherers. Two weeks before the release we will set up a forum and start appointing roles for each player, and talking strategy.


    If you are interested in becoming apart of Bad Intentions please comment below or pm me with some type of contact information. Like I said anyone is able to join the guild, but to be a leader you have to have decent knowledge of the game and mechanics.