Immediate Reminder of Why I Stopped Playing

    • Immediate Reminder of Why I Stopped Playing

      Thank you Albion, thank you for reminding me of why I stopped playing so early into your "reboot". I bound to a Lymhurst portal to, you know, play with a friend. And would now like to re-bind to my home in Cae. I am on my 8th attempt to do so. Why? Because there are now only two portals you can reasonably do so from (really 1 in the west) , and a very limited number of routes. So of course zergs are just roaming around those portals, 24/7. Lovely discovery #2, stun lock is still in the game...I am not even trying to get resources mind you......just get to the GD portal. In fact all the portals are pretty much camped 24/7 at this point. Your portal system is broken AF with so many players on right now. If you are not part of a zerg travel is impossible. Forget dungeons, forget harvesting, I am talking just TRAVEL. EF it, done already.
    • Um, This is why they are doubling the size of the outlands soon. They understand there are way to many people on at the moment to keep it the same. They have bigger plans for an expansion eventually and a restructuring that probably just got set back a few weeks to a month that got set back to quickly make new areas due to player load increasing. (though the change probably means their restructure is going to need to be bigger to so probably better in the longer run.