gathering nodes

    • gathering nodes

      All I do is run around and see every single node taken already when I get online to play. Even if I play all night long, the same resources are still on cooldown from someone else getting lucky 1 time that day. With alliances pushing well past 3k players the giant player base even in the alliances yet alone the whole game is a problem with taking resources outside of the tower zone where anyone can play. Even with rules in place it just seems like there is zero resources anywhere is any zone due to massive amount of players everywhere decimating the zones of everything. Even with the new lands coming out, I think the nodes could use a drop in amount, but increase in spawn rate to promote less getting lucky once a freakin day or worse and promote more going out and ACTUALLY gathering. I don't get to spend 10 hours a day gathering to wait for the cooldowns of high tier resources. Why do people in this game get rewarded for having no life?