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    • Guild emblems

      First of all, I know this subject has been brought forward multiple times, is there any chance we gonna get this feature into the game anytime soon? To me being able to show off my own artwork as well as represent the guild with custom emblem is a huge part I'm missing in this game. I realize that this could affect the performance of other devices, but I also know there's always a way to work around things like that. I don't like the idea of only few guilds that have the power and numbers to have their own logos to use in the game. For small guild such as mine it is impossible to compete for territories and having to fight over castles to earn that custom emblem reward whenever it is available to do so it's even more impossible. I would really love to see this happening one day soon. What are your thoughts on this?

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    • I didn't join late, neither am I new, just because later in the game me and my friends decided to create our own guild we shouldn't be punished for it, It's not that we don't want to compete like I mentioned in my previous post, just not everyone has the numbers to participate in the contests for these rewards, what makes you think only guilds with numbers and power should have the rights to compete for it like it is with territories and everything else? Small guilds ran by group of friends are left behind, and not everyone want's to be in the big guilds. Besides, last time they actually offered this kind of a reward for competing against other guilds was back in 2016 (correct me if I'm wrong), so there's no way to compete after all. As far as I remember in one of the betas we we're able to use our own logos but sadly people abused it so it got taken away from us.

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    • Do You rly think those guilds just magically had all that power and all those members?? They worked to gain it, they recruited and taught pple, learned the game and earned their titles and emblems. They managed hundreds of players, It was a fuck load of work.Those guilds allowed Albion to survive till launch. That’s why they deserved it when each won their emblem.

      deciding just now, that you want to make a guild and try to compete does make you late (especially if you played beta). If you show up late to the party it’s not you being left out or punished.
    • But you're missing the point here, they don't let you compete for these rewards, do you think we wouldn't attempt even though we have 20 ppl or less? To me content like this should be wide open to all the players, like I mentioned before, not everyone likes being in a big guilds, some ppl just want to enjoy the game with their small group of friends, big or small guild they all should have the same rights, doesn't matter when you joined the game.