EarthKeeper Shaman Bugged

    • Harryaars wrote:

      This is the thing that keeps her alive at the end of the dungeon and won't die cause she is healing herself for 1.6k+
      That is a mechanic on the boss, he heals..

      weeks ago my friend and i try to dou, we couldnt until i went thron[damage dealer], witht that and some t6 poison we manage to bring it down.. if your dps player are not hitting hard enough, he will just heal and keep healing...

      this also happen when my friend keyteen and turutu first started running random dungeon, they were t5 and not strong at all, with tank/dps/heal, even if i go thorn it wasn't enough, until ironm showed up with his 200/400 spec into axe and we dealt enough damage to take him down..

      i see 2 role healer [green hand] and 2 tank [2 shield] this means your team is not wearing optimize gear for the run...

      boss has alittle mechanics...

      he heals,,

      he does aoe once a certain % hp goes down [80% ithink], summon red orbs that does aoe damage,

      roots player at some point when his % hp goes down

      does a cone aoe, if you are not the tank you are dead if it hits you.

      he also does a special effect on low % hp, havent pay to much of attention but it feel like damage taken is increased.

      Tell your group that they should use optimize gear

      if you have discord i can help your group by looking at their gear and seeing what they have, as well as tips if interested in what optimize gear are...
      Random dungeon

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