need help from gm

    • need help from gm

      need help from gm

      i was in dungeon when i clicked die to come again to boss it made me go town , i didn't know that's differnet than regular dungeons and all my gear dropped and my friend took them but the cross bow is most valuable thing i had been trash it cost me 750000 , and other gear also and things was in my bag so total more than 1 mil silver , as new player this is fortune for me

      i wasn't in red zone or black zone

      i want gm back them to me , i didn't know that and was focusing on boss , so i didn't read what written no time for that , i will not take my time read while we fight boss , like you want say someone focusing on driving read , disater mostly will happen

      and i know someone may come say you could lost it red or black zone , and i am saying to him i won't go with all my fortune to those places , i never gone to them because of that

      and for me losing things is pain not fun at all while you are not rich it is disaster , someone could tell me why you play that game then i tried be rich before i go those place , but that accident happened

      and someone could also ask if you don't like full loot why you play the game , i tell you if you at resturant and for example you don't like cheese you ask them not put cheese on it so you will buy , if not won't buy , like that i ask from game manger could you make solution for me ?

      and i hope they make easier ways to new players , i know there is other people millionares and billionares but without ordinary ways

      i tried be rich so when i lose my gear won't matter but seems i couldn't , i know all ways and videos but all of those not fast enough for getting other gear instantly
    • you put my post in rant section ?

      that's what you do ? other than confess you wrong and should give me back my things ?!!

      you don't see this game doing things wrong like i told you ? you do and the evidence like what i said eailer

      i tried endure everything i didn't like in this game like full drop loot , people fighting in dungeons , thiefs who leave party and take loot and that's not part of the game and i didn't see that even you said you wrong and will fix that etc... , because i liked other things in the game

      but after what happened , and after telling you and that's reply .....

      and last i want say here why you don't make differnet servers with what people like , or you like eat something so all should like it also ?

      make server without full drop loot , and other with who like full drop loot

      there is other game famous made server if died once you go out of the server and other server for regular players , and most people choose regular server

      if you see full drop loot , people kill you while you lvling or gathering fun for you , not fun for me , i like pvp but when i want and not affecting my lvling or gear
    • So you clicked die, ignored warning, then your items trashed aaaaaand what is the problem again?
      Edit: Why the fk would you even press die? you get up anyways and waiting what? 16secs to get up is somehow slower tahn running all the way back from town?
      Edit2: What in the black zones xbow were you using? 750k for xbow? I though new players didnt have that kind of money to throw around willynilly, ffs i should gank more in lower tiers if all noobs do that...

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