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      Im new to this game and love it.
      I was in a group yesterday and they said i can use F1 etc to select players when I heal.

      My suggestion is that maybe you can look into add bind-keys like in I think it was Startcraft 2 were you decide what player to have were in F1-F5 (1-9 in Starcraft 2)
      In Startcraft 2 you add groups of units with Alt+1-9 and it would be nice to have in Albion for Alt+F1-F8.

      As I said im new so maybe its already in the game, but it would be nice to always bind Tank to F1 with a fast bind-combo and dps in order melee first F2-F3 and range DPS F4 etc. You understand what im talking about ;)

      Or even use same bind like Starcraft 2 Alt+1-0.



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