PLEASE make a SEA Server

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    • PLEASE make a SEA Server

      Great game, but honestly playing at 250-270ms is horrible for melee classes, particularly PvP. We need an Asia based server. ;(

      I purchased premium just to get past the frustrating Queue times but still have to deal with high latency(On 50Mbps FIBR, Philippines), so seems like we are connecting to US West or some other distant place.

      Online sites like "Albion online Ping Status" dont make sense either, with the lowest being;
      Seattle USA - 151ms
      Singapore - 198ms
      Tokyo, Japan - 197ms

      Normally on Japan based servers I can get under 100, so the actual locations either arent accurate or the server hosting is just poor or overloaded.

      I only started playing after Albion went F2P, so its possible pings were better before the flood of new players, and if so it would be great to hear from anyone in SEA region what pings were like before.

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    • Request to establish a server in Asia

      Honestly, this game is the first mmorpg I have ever played and its fascinating and I wanna see it grow and flourish while I enjoy the game. Right now, from what I've been hearing and seeing, the server is in the US which is too far. The ping is too high that it becomes a factor to not being able to enjoy the game thoroughly or fully. PvE is fun and all but I really wanna engage in PvP and the high ping makes it difficult to even cast spells properly because of the delay.
    • There's currently two servers I believe, one in Amsterdam, other in New York, they're tied together forming one Megaserver. Everyone, PC and tablet users, are all in the same world. The world is not seamless, but many zones. As players enter different zones, some will be on the EU server, other locations on the U.S. Server. So you will notice a ping change, depending on which zone you are currently located in.

      Technically, adding a server in Asia will punish EU and US players, as their ping will be higher then ever before. Also, currently CTAs are NA time and EU time based. Probaply has something to do with the server locations.

      I don't think the devs ever have had the intention to attract players from Asia, and that this is why there is no server in Asia. (This is just my guess/opinion though).