Problem on game - Connecting Failed, Please try again later

    • Problem on game - Connecting Failed, Please try again later


      Since yesterday when i activated my 3 day account premium i can't log on... i've been playing for more then a week now and without any big issues...
      But since yesterday i need to try 15/20 times to log on, restart my computer and other things..and if i manage to log on each time i go to portal and get the black screen....i'm out same error again "failed to connect, please try again later"
      Already did:

      Correct on steam the files of the game
      Reinstall the game 3 times
      Updated the Drivers for my graphics card
      Clean my cache
      Made a Speed test for internet connection (209 MB)
      Cleaned my computer for trash.... to get better performance
      Disconnect all non essential programs, so that memory and CPU just run the game

      And nothing is working, anyone else on my guild is having this issue.. I'getting frustrated because i'm loosing my premium days.
      Other games are running ok.

      Pls help....
    • I recently started getting kicked out first lost chat and then everyone freezes and next thing I know I’m out of the game then I have to reset the game so I can log on not sure why everything else has been working just fine and both times I was not in a huge battle at most two players near me also my ping has been between 33 and 40 all started after I accepted easyAnticheat from Albion also I set it to only download in D drive but it’s on c drive how can I move it maybe deleting everything and reinstalling perhaps ?
    • I get no error messages and my internet is still up and running it’s only happened twice after the find a cheat thing from Albion it doesn’t happen with any other game either it’s why I’m left to taking it out and reinstalling to see if that will help it’s not an all the time thing but it’s still concerning especially if I’m to go into the red zone since that’s the only place to get higher tier resources if I were to loose all my gear because I crashed like that after paying for premium and in game cash for my gear I think it would make me quit playing. Because staying in safer zones just won’t be as fun.
    • It seems since the daily downtime today the game keeps kicking me out. As had re-started the modem earlier that is NOT the issue bit it is odd that this is happening after just buying an island and starting to upgrade it. If this continues then it would appear that spending money on keeping the premium up is simply not worth the effort let alone the cost.
    • What you can do is send me your output logs directly after a crash and maybe it'll tell us what causes this crash.

      Extract and send me your output log via direct messages: output_log.txt should be copied right after the crash otherwise it will override the file next time you start the game. You can find it here:
      Windows: C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\LocalLow\Sandbox Interactive GmbH\Albion Online Client\output_log.txt (note that AppData is a hidden folder so you should have "Hidden Items" checked in your View tab to see it)

      Otherwise reinstalling or repairing the client usually fixes those kind of issues. Sometimes it's an issue with Easy Anti Cheat, so I also recommend checking their -> support page.
    • Well have tried the repair with no difference so trying to re-install however that is causing issues as it's taking forever and has failed once already after a couple of hours downloading. At the rate this is going it will take all night.

      Ahh well second attempt is also a failure and now of course cannot play the game until an attempt is indeed successful it seems.

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    • Amoebius76 wrote:

      Visiting the Easy Anti Cheat Support Page is also recommendable, as it could be an issue with the Easy Anti Cheat program ->
      Maybe u should link the support page of the companie wich ur renting the servers.. in case it is not easy cheat.. to help them fixing the problems... kinda weird, first time i see that kind of behavior on a video game that selling a premium service; when someone contacting support the support send them on a third party support *hands clean* 8|
    • Well went to anticheat and they want me to download a lot of stuff that I have no clues as to what it does and what the heck I could use it for. I am no programmer. This is starting to remind of Kings of Chaos and Paradox which I used to play until they got really greedy. Unless you had deep pockets it became really bad to play and they kept altering it to suit those whom were paying large amounts to effectively cheat.

      So far have spent over 3 hours trying to get this to work and am about to delete the whole shebang and forget all about it.