Why do people say start your private island at Carleon?

    • There are a number of reasons but with recent updates some have lost relevance.

      The central location is a population hub which encourages a healthier market.
      Couple this with the Black Market & what once was unique access to the Black Zone.
      Refining & crafting in Cearleon also received a better resource return over the other cities.

      Access to the BZ is no longer unique & the outer cities have each been given buffs to specific materials & gear.

      Less official im pretty sure some set out to encourage players to build in Cearleon simply to feed the pvpers & ganks,
      since in all i read & videos i watched where ppl suggested to build in Cearleon. not one stated that the City was situated in red 2 zones deep.
      Not Major once you are in T4+ & have a good quantity of silver in your coffers but that initial gathering of T3 & T4 in a Red Zone for someone
      just a few hrs into the game.

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    • As Macon_Gray stated it, you have to remember that before the current version, the game was pretty different:
      - no access of Black Zone except in Cearleon
      - meaning that access to the "end game content" was only possible through this city

      I am pretty sure that most of the guide your read (like me a couple of month ago) all dated from 1 year ago or more. Meaning that they may not be the most accurate one :)

      Now, it has changed and with the current new portal and the future one in dev + the new map and area that will arrive shortly, Cearleaon is still an important zone because of his access to the Black Market but it is less important as you can access the Black zone from any other city.

      If you still want to move to Caerleon, just keep in mind that it is deep in the red zone and that group of pvp players roam the area nearby to hunt the travelers.
      Plus, these red zone may not have resource available for you at this stage of the game. So check the map to see if you will be able to gather resource or have to go in BZ to gather some stuff.