Suggestion - Servers distinction NA/EU

    • Suggestion - Servers distinction NA/EU


      Pretty sure this has been talked before but.. for a game like this, playing with 150+ ping is not really good, specially in a sandbox.

      My question is, do you even read the forum?

      I saw in a review @ steam, AO_Elsa (dev) replying ping does not matter in AO, that is a pure lie (…ns/0/1693795812293312868/), sorry to pinpoint it, but not only I love videogames, my daily job is a Network & System Administrator.

      Melee can hit me like 6 cm away from me, and if I had low ping, he would probably be near me. I think he is far, yet, he is close. I did come back, after almost 2 years, and the lag is still here.

      I'm pretty sure you don't pay that much for a VPS or a Dedicated Server, not to talk about clustering. I really like the game, but you will make most of the EU quit it like that.

      Let me know if you need advise on this.