Island, personal items and stash disappeared

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    • Island, personal items and stash disappeared


      I was a Founder from launch and played for a bit before personal issues stopped me.

      Now recently returned I find that my personal island (with Founder items on it) is gone and my bank stash along with several other personal items are gone as well.

      I have an idea that I have been moved for some reason. I can't exactly remember where I logged out (it is several years ago after all), but I am pretty sure I wasn't in a starter town, where my old character logged in.

      So, I have no idea where my island is or what city has all my stuff. In EvE Online you have the ability to see every "bank" (space station) you have items in. Perhaps there is something like this in Albion now, but I have somehow overlooked it?

      In any case, I would like to play again, but I would also really like my Founders/personal items back, so I hope someone would/could help with this.

      Thank you in advance.