Resistance math

    • Resistance math

      Does anyone understand the true math of resistance numbers? If an armor piercer says it reduces resistances by 9, what does that number mean? 9 dps, 9%?

      If an armor says it has 100 resistance, does that mean every time you are hit the damage is reduced by 100? That can’t be it. This math is unclear to me.

      So I understand that you can pull up your armor and see it’s resistance. And a resistance reducing armor piercer will reduce that number by the indicated amount making your armor less effective. But I don’t I understand the actual numbers. There must be a simple equation somewhere that will negate the need to do a whole bunch of testing.

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    • This is by no means a hard fact, but I believe I read somewhere that it's like...

      %reduction = 100 / (resistance + 100)

      So 100 resistance = 50% reduction, 200 resistance = 66.6% reduction, and you continue this scaling. Should be fairly simple to double check that with the numbers in game.