The Forging of a Stormlord

    • Another day, a new idea

      As storm sits happily in retirement fishing and the casual arena his mind never ceases too tick. He wonder if it is time too expand the discord he has been building as a hobby into a full grown shoppe and tavern for services. sell things himself mayhap? possibilities are interesting.

      Who knows where it will go but its has already begun - [Service] AOS - Magic Cross Shoppe - Trade - Albion Online Forum

      The Magic Cross Shoppe
      trades- services - artists - land rentals
      join today!
    • Slowly the lord of unforeseeable lunch plans finished stacking the shelves

      Yes he thought to himself, this will be interesting. should keep me entertained for a solid fortnight at least

      word of mouth is already filtering through and the server has ascended too a community discord

      its addictive you know, this moment. full of possibilities and opportunities

      one day at a time

      [Service] AOS - Magic Cross Shoppe - Trade - Albion Online Forum
      The Magic Cross Shoppe
      trades- services - artists - land rentals
      join today!
    • The Skies above Caerleon pulse with the echoes of its dying light.

      Its markets failing, prices rising its street piling with filth

      Its champion, the lord of thunder and umbrella weather was silent and sleeping for a long time..

      the red filth seized this perfect opportunity or so they had believed..

      Starting Security forces that offered nothing but lies they tried to taint the antiganker name and killed the trust of the clients who used them, going blue to infest the defenders of CL with true rat like behaviour, looting when you had never even helped with the kill, the bloodletter reigned as the only weapon that could be used.

      Still the lord of thunder slumbered dancing through Rusted lands, Dreaming of the Empires 4 and the Rimworlds

      They built their armies and scarred the land with salt and their stupidity had lined them up for a greater enemy then the storm could ever be... nerfs... the poor fools

      and the Dev Lords were not gentle,

      first came the mount buffs, followed by the CC breaks and expanding resistances.

      finally came the endless comments "been a while since a command mammy"

      oh how the storm laughed... at his own foolishness

      aaaahahahaha, this is rough

      Honestly I should of helped them, all this time i left made ganking so bad that SBI would have no choice but to kill it completely.

      For all this time the i should of known what the environmental impacts of the gankers lazy playstyle would have, had known the inevitable correction..

      the poor fools

      and they sought to blame the storm..

      As the storm rose again he was immediately hunted and griefed as they desperately tried to conceal their humiliation. their defeated rage and confusion was sweet nectar as they realised the thunder was never the real enemy he was the buffer between them and the apocalypse. they CROWED at the storm "The reds run Caerleon now"

      only to be met with a small smile and a quiet observation

      "I could of never managed this in my wildest dreams reds, sincerely"

      not only did you mess up the ganking, you messed up the blue swarm as well (whom the antigankers have always despised) :D, can u even imagine the level of stupid needed to do that. they have nerfed their own playstyle so hard that their own people wail in hopelessness in every forum... ONLY TO DO IT TWICE!?

      the sweet gatecamper and blue rat salt... perfection.

      this grumpy cloud would love to say all was going according to plan, that this was his strategy but alas.. twas not him who screwed up the people farming, the CC chains the ratting...

      you did this to you

      AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... righto enough. (for i might choke on my own smugness)

      so what do do, what tooo doo now?

      I now sit and build my army in the face of this beautiful reality, you never drove me from the game i was always watching, planning, plotting..


      mb BZ needs some... security?

      who knows, not this silly puff of moisture anyhow. Albion is now my sandbox

      This in truth is my Red appreciation post

      really could not of done it without you

      Much Love

      The Magic Cross Shoppe
      trades- services - artists - land rentals
      join today!

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    • RolannOBritain looks at the cloudy formation of the thunderbolts of nerf-storms, lighting the skies in an ever-illuminating striking peals that form. He relaxes with the [SUN] squad in their HQ, in Confluence, as the Devs send forth their judgement that rats need not be the game of choice of dominant behaviour for the pupulation. He sips in the deck chair with his Bundy and Coke, ready to spring forth into the headquarters soon as some red specks show up in the foreground. He thinks of Stormlord, ever vigilant, ever appreciative of the protection he gives. RolannOBritain thinks = "To strangers that would never get killed because he killed the hostiles beforehand. To see CLS through. And to wonder - how many times has CLS saved me? When I ventured through the reds, into Caerleon and back... CLS may have thinned it for me. When I am about to venture through reds, and CLS sends out warnings about how many hostiles there are in a red zone I am about to enter... I don't enter. Thank you Stormlord for CLS, and thank you for being the Albion Guardian for the Red Zones. The game didn't program any guardians for the Royal Zones>Caerleon red zones, you and the CLS crew moulded yourselves into it."

      I look down on my glass of Bundaberg Run and Coke, take a sip, and wonder... How many times has Stormlord and his crew really saved me?