The Forging of a Stormlord

    • The City of Cearleon
      The Cearleon Security Council

      To the People of Cearleon
      The City and her defenders wish it to be known that the city of Cearleon is declaring her independence of all sovereign bodies that have ruled her in the past or will attempt to rule her in the future. Her origins started as a proud republic with a hatred of mad kings and so shall be again. Any guild,Empire or Friday night gamer-clan that attempts to rule her is to be repelled with the utmost zeal. This is due to astounding taxes impoverishing the people (opponents and friends alike) making this is now a necessary motion.
      Citizens of all of Albion
      The royal Continent has suffered for too long at the hands of machine guilds, feeding you foolish lies about utopian dreams. These lies promise you glory in Gvgs, Zvzs Epic Gathering and Dungeons, you will never get this. they will feed off your labors, hit you with insane taxes, pull you into exhaustive CTAs until you cannot even think clearly anymore. Then they will strike the killing blow..
      They will kick you from your home, lock your stuff in their chests and leave you destitute as you see you hard work was for nothing and the only option left is to leave.
      if you do not believe this, look simply to the actions of the MG when she was started. you had to buy into the guild, you had to pay to stay in the guild and you had to constantly decrypt the Scottish ramblings of a madman to get your calls in battle and now they rule Mercia!?
      is that what it takes!?
      We can no longer be party to the madness that is the Oops Empire that serves so few off the backs of so many!
      The Lord of Storms has sat for a while, gracefully allowing the Oops Empire to steady herself and make good of her utopian dreams and has been left disappointed.
      He now demands the return of CL into the hands of a CLS security council in which he will be the head
      Any who stands in the way of this goal will be driven back as surely a oops in a Zvz.. (like with anyone... like we literally went at them naked and they lost their shit and ran once... insanity).
      hrrm hrrm
      It is time to rise slumbering titans to build this vision
      it is time for content beyond anything seen in Albion History
      will you be apart of this?
      -Stormlord, Knight Commander of the CLS and general of the Irony alliance.
      CLS FTW!

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    • The Battle of Craeg Morr
      On this day..
      Storm whirls around the battle field, unleashing devastating walls of wind against filthy people farmers.
      A blue courier arrives as storm takes a moment for cool-downs
      "A message from Khaos, Knight Commander" he says (like a pompous ass)
      "the fuck they want" Storm replies gracefully
      Kip wants you to leave your perfectly good fight to come play with them in the region of roast corpse.
      Storm looks at him a gestures at global "CANT THEY SEE IM EFFING BUSY!?"
      The Little shit waits for a moment then says... "so thats... a no?"
      Storm windwalls the cheeky bastard to roast with a message say "we apologies but the CLS yadadada is currently engaged and cannot entertain you at this time"
      As he returns to battle his stormy senses start tingling... khaos wouldn't just sit in roast and go "oh well, storm cant play. Hey guys? wanna pussy out and deflag?"
      they were coming!
      Storm smiles FINALLY a battle worthy of this set of armor (t4 flat - t3 horse)
      The skies grow dark and lightening starts to tickle the edge of the sky. the POE bandits with their BA leader start to hide in their ruins waiting in fear of what the LORD Of Cearleon will do next. They watch in surprise as the lord of storms smiles and backs away
      BOOM khaos appears and starts charging in
      POE cries and desperately fights back - their bandit guards hitting khaos hard and forcing khaos back. 1 - 2 - 3 POE DIE. The poe arnt done - Alarms erupt in their guild house and more poe join the fray
      then more Anti Poe blues show up
      they smash into the khaos guys and khoas for a moment is caught between a storm and a hard place - they back aways while Sesino contemplates killing that effing Stormlord
      the blues get caught in the middle - 3 die but they retreat
      but !!
      his ONLY weakness... a ore golum knocks him on his knees!! :O
      The battle rages north as storm regains his bearing Sadistra starts annihilating Khaos and blues
      and in a perfect ending she quietly walks up to storm, pecks him on the cheek and slits his throat - not realizing that he is of course immortal.
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    • Even Apache helicopters can't withstand the might of Sir JCPMP of Roastcorpse Steepe. The Ruffian of the Roast, Scoundrel of the South has clashed his rapier upon the blades of the CLS too many a time. He grows tired of the conflict, of the peacekeepers of caerleon. Cant they let me murder noobs in peace?! He wants the blood of the stormlord spilled, determined to slay the head of this foul organization that is the thorn of red zone gankers around the world.

      The StormLord must die.
    • And there it was, the end.

      Storm sits staring at the screen as Albion uninstalls and a era of great times and great people who made him laugh so hard it hurt slowly departs.

      the OP states "the forging of a stormlord" and so now It looks like im done

      Notable Mentions

      @FlufferPope - always a good dude and strong leader - happily witnessed when I lost my shit and realised I should take a break before I start squeaking

      @Hempbeard - bloody champion who will bring his bois and gals to great heights - please lose your shit more

      @EOS is a std I think...

      @stormmemes - absolute quality with zero disapproval rating

      @KatherineKore- because I know this will piss you off mentioning you <3

      @Space violence -solid fun - ty

      @Ronin - what a dude and he rapped - fuck man, champion.

      @Nilfgaard - solid power house.

      @KingMoJo - I remember when I thought he was a clever 12 year old who was trying to get laid back in beta 2. I barely saw him and from what I could tell that was a wise move on my part as he quickly became one of the most murderous callers in Albion.

      @Derrick - this dude. this dude is my life! I still remember when I was running with woke and I saw derrick kill one of our afk tanks of to the west, I come charging in and he says "WTF U DOING HERE YOU BITCH" and I throw a whirlwind (soulsythe) at him and he lost his shit. his guild rocks up and it escalates into a losing fight for B.A with @Kutweer saying "please stop attacking derrik storm" while im running in the back line yelling "U BLOODY MISSED ME AGIAN DERRIK - HOWSIT FEEL!?" glorious.

      @29ia - a strong and capable lieutenant of the CLS, truly a angel of death for gankers EASILY surpassing my kills in the guild and would regularly wipe out whole group of gankers. his favorites with the dire wolf squads which we got very good at baiting

      @Stubie - bloody unkillable and we would leave for dead only to find out he was still alive and we had enough time to regear and come save him = what a champion.

      @Dobby - Horse Master and that bitch who played hard to get in any guild I started. also a beast caller for Zorn <3

      @Buldozer - this crazy mofo, I cannot fathom how he does what he does and is giggling like a maniac the whole time - Zorn - #1 gatherer

      @Lugzi- the one guy who I worshiped who I never heard talk. this pisses me of btw - he wisely stayed clear of my shenangians

      @ The Three kings of R.I.P - these bois were funny together and even funnier apart - their wars were solid content and great place for a young stormy to learn (how to not do diplomacy)

      @VetonB - solidly ship him and derrick so hard and want them to have Scottish serb man babies

      @Saffiana - whata a goddess and knows the line of mod and tyrant like no one I have ever seen - glorious

      @brunhilder … ? - carthage - banana republic - conflict - never paid for a damn thing - IM KIDDING still remember when charlz bought you a whole set just to stop someone else buying you a whole HG set - holy shit

      @Charlz - great mod - funny guy - aussie - also I think your GF got the shits with me and tried to find me RL - lol (not even kidding kids)

      @Zetecua - this dude is a champion guy who always did his best to give ole starmy the info he needed to really light the place up - many thanks my man

      @CLS bois - you know who you are - sometimes quiet - sometimes OFF THE FUCKIIN chart.

      @Orbis bois ^ same but with more structure

      @WHACKOKNIGHT - and bloody merry - my spin to win bois

      @academy - fuck you, fuck this, fuck teaching <3

      @Ravenar - what a goddam champion of RP - true bro of the soul of albion

      @xargon - he warned me not to mess with nilfgaard, I didn't listen and I had so much fun ignoring your fantastic advice

      fuck their is so many more - might update later


      Final post, final screen, final bit of banter and a legacy I am proud of

      It was nice to meet you all - I am still in the CLS discord if you want to call me out for missing your dank ass or I owe your silver (that's BS btw - you OWE ME SILVER... I don't want it tho unless you transfer it into money then buy me plex)

      Off to the stars now (Eve Online)

      <3 Storm
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