Movement skills that don't move as would be expected?

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    • Movement skills that don't move as would be expected?

      I don't know strictly if it would be considered underpowered, but I was... more than a bit disappointed that when I got boots that allowed me to jump I couldn't use it to jump over ledges, and again when I got boots that allowed me to teleport I find myself- on top of having a lackluster range even as far as just moving- unable to cross small gaps or pass obstacles to walkable space on the other side even if it's within that range. Especially when considering it was the unique aspects of the different manners of movement- contrasted against simply increasing speed- and how it might affect gameplay that had piqued my interest in crafting them in the first place, and their descriptions don't seem to indicate they are limited to the same constraints as if you were on the ground anyhow, it seems a bit of a shame nothing was done with these.

      I don't know if it would be possible to alter them to act more as would be expected rather then having you stop at invisible boundaries, but if not it might be worth slightly tweaking the description so no one else is likewise disappointed.
    • They would be too good. Flash is considered "must take" in League of Legends for example (with the exception of some very specific roles / champions). If a player using Cleric Sandals could pop over a wall they would instantly become the #1 gank avoidance shoe, and then gankers would have to take them to follow, and suddenly everyone is using Cleric Sandals because it's literally the only option.