Outland Expansion Incoming!

    • You guys are doing great things. Better optimisation, quality-of-life improvements, listening to community feedback and many many more.
      Keep the spirit and principles, continue improving optimisation and existing content And, finally, start to implement things like sea adventures, siege and building mechanics.

      Damn, looking forward to all of this! :love:
    • Hi, am new here.

      Can you add single player hide outs in the open world, which we can place on our own? Ideally, upgradable like a house with tiers (chest size...).

      While we are at it, could you also move that hideout once placed randomly on that map, so we have a moving base?

      And while we are at that "it", could you also allow a new profession (Thief) to search and loot those hideouts (not their inventory, but their durabilty converted to silver with some minor black market drops)?

      And because solo and small group content cries out loud, you could allow a max team base of up to 3 players to use a single hideout.

      kk thanks bye!

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