Fps Drop Continues

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      Yup. Also the random hitching/stuttering even on my island or in a expedition still occurs. The funny thing is is that if you watch ANY streamer playing the game they ALL have the random "quick" hitch or stutter... Its a game client issue. I really wish they would say something about it. The game for me runs at 100+ FPS in open world and dungeons smooth as butter and then all of a sudden I'll see a quick "hitch/stutter" and then back to 100+ FPS. Its really annoying. This is not a LAG issue or PC issue.

      Last night I also noticed when in a RD and not near my party (like 3 or 4 screens away) my frames were choppy while moving... as soon as I stopped moving they would jump to 100+. Then as soon as I caught up to my group, frames became normal (mins the random hitching).