Where do I craft adept items

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    • Where do I craft adept items


      I have just farmed to unlock "adept ore miner" and "mine crafter", and I don't seem to find any of the items in shops on the map and I checked the map for "adept craftsman's" I can't find any so I was wondering if anyone knew what I'm doing wrong or where I can find a "adept craftsman's".
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      Hello Teemo,

      The starting village only has tier three ( Journeyman ) crafting and refining buildings. You must move to one of the six major cities. Each of these have player owned plots, that players can build on, from Tier 1-8. Most or all are already taken. Many city plots are usable by other players for a fee. Or you can buy a personal island and build your own buildings. Personal island vendor is also located in each of the six major cities.

      Also guilds can have a guild island, that have plots to build on.