Ghost Donkey

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    • Ghost Donkey


      I had this terrible and great idea. Instead of being given a T2 mount in the tutorial, all players have a Ghost Donkey they can summon anywhere they are. It's less an item then it is a mechanic I guess. Just anytime you mount up with no mount your ghost donkey is summoned and you can ride it instead.

      It would probably have to be slower than the current one to balance it fairly against actual mounts. Maybe no carry weight.

      Maybe a better name to.

      Just imagine a world you don't have to go looking for where you put your horse just to get around town a little faster.
      Discord: Piddle#7413
    • New

      Yes, being a full loot game doesn't mean you can't have basic quality of life mechanics. You don't get to steal peoples silver from their account when they die. Because if you could it would be miserable. The movement speed on foot is miserable. Having a 5 hp un-loseable mount with +20% speed and no carry weight isn't going to ruin your hardcore pvp full loot jerk off fest. It will just make some things less tedious and awful
      Discord: Piddle#7413
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      Silver isn’t gear. Silver doesn’t boost my speed, silver doesn’t help me escape a gank, like this potentially can.

      Tell me what other equip able item is unable to be looted? There’s none, There is zero precedent or necessity for what you’re requesting. A free, unlootable mount is not QoL. This isn’t HoTs

      There’s a limit to what’s QoL and all this does is devalue mounts under a misguided idea of QoL

      But I can see you’re already tiliting after one response since you called it a “hardcore full loot PvP jerk off fest”