Little trader adventures

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    • Fort Sterling



      As probably everyone expected, Fort Sterling was a shit show, new owners after saya's withdraw of the city are half way gone with a huge influence of blast202 and Gvendline now.

      26 plots changed ownership with 12 of those comes from blast202 and Gvendline. AUSSCOUR got super lucky with that x4 plot for 2.2m! and dasay got a single plot for 1.1m.

      The total bid in Fort Sterling was 2255m.
    • Lymhurst



      Not too many changes on Lymhurst, sadly Letwolf lose his station for 78m and after Vas2 sold his station everything went back to "normal" on this city.

      The total bid in Lymhurst was 2106m.


      I didn't check the prices on caerleon because someone already did it and it's quite time consuming so here is the spreadsheet…aWCZPA/edit#gid=580102596
    • Thanks for the support :)

      Quite a lot of things have change in this first 10 days of the month, with the new taxes on Caerleon I had to pay millions weekly for crafting which I refuse to do. The only alternative was my next step but I was pushed faster than anticipated, bought a T6 Chariot for 10.7m that I could bought for 9m but I was running out of time and start crafting in martlock with that sweet +25% bonus return. Because daily runs between cities is quite dangerous the idea was to do runs each 3-4 days but due my initial capital I had to run daily the first 3 days, then each 2 days and now I can do it each 3 days. Also I started to set buy orders in different cities for T6/T7 resources which increase my profit a lot, a friend borrow me a Mammoth and now I can move between Bridgwatch to Thetford when need it.

      In other news I did another thread about the current status on cooking in caerleon and spend almost 11.5m on a new guild island, T7 cooking station and some mills. It was quite more than I anticipated but now I can run it for free and worst case scenario cooking with focus is always a possibility.

      June 1st - 10th trades

      This is a "false" profit actually, you see when I had 10-20 items in the market it was quite easy to change sell orders and calculate new profits but now with hundreds it's very hard and time consuming. Right now I have 15.4m in sell orders on the black market which was counted as profit in the "black market sells" section so actually I'm down 7.5m, because of this what I will do now is to just count the fee cost and track every sell from the mail, it's still an horrible way to track my profits but it's just a 1 time job.

      I'm not gonna lie this next 10 days are critical and if something go wrong I will be really screw... like dying with my chariot and moving 20m on items should put me in an horrible position, we will see what happen.

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      June 10th - 20th

      Runs to Caerleon are starting to get really annoying, even with people scouting it's damn time consuming and get ganked anyway around 25% of the time. They are not incredible profit by himself but allow me to run my islands with large margin profits, right now I send crafted items and journals to caerleon from blue cities and this is extremely risky that's why next month after plot auction I will make another 2 islands probably on Bridgewatch.

      The fame boost weekend wasn't extremely good for me, spend most of my time gathering rocks and unlock T7, sadly every single time I go to black zone with T7 resources are empty and most T6 resources are 1/5, not fun. I managed to do some dungeons with my guildmates that are mostly gatherers but recently got a few people that run dungeons pretty much every day.


      My profits have been quite small mostly because I have been buying more and more resources to craft. On my perspective T6 items sell extremely quickly but T7 items are super slow, even with only 1 T7 blacksmith island it's damn hard to sell all my stuff before I need to make another run, my best guess is because most people prefer to run content with 6.0 or 6.1 and this push black market orders.

      June 21th

      Cidragon wrote:

      I'm not gonna lie this next 10 days are critical and if something go wrong I will be really screw... like dying with my chariot and moving 20m on items should put me in an horrible position, we will see what happen.

      The inevitable has come, I got ganked running to Caerleon and died. Probably lose around 30m on market value but cost me around 20m on total, as expected I'm on a hard position now without items to sell on the black market and without journals (lose around 300 T6 books and 120 T7) to send my labourers. Still have plenty of materials on blue cities but this was a huge hit, I will need to spend probably around 15m only for the mount (T6 chariot) and journals to fill again.

      It was my fault anyway, it was early in the morning and had no guildmates to scout for me, made a risky move and died. Runs to Caerleon aren't fun for me and it's a pain in the ass to ask for scout every time and wait for the right movement to move stuffs, maybe I should figure out new ways to play the market but until next month I will keep fighting against gankers waiting next to map exits.