Little trader adventures

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    • Little trader adventures

      I bought the game just after release and played for about a month. I screw it by joining a slave guild, burn out real quick and stop playing because I had no friends to play with. With the F2P release some of my friends wanted to try the game and I like how the game has changed.

      In pretty much every game I enjoy a lot to play with the market and pve content so weirdly enough you wouldn't see too much pvp on this thread. what should you expect in this thread? some market/pve progression and my thoughts about why I'm doing some trades but because I'm "new" to the game (1 month played is almost nothing) you will see a lot of mistakes which I hope you enjoy too.

      English isn't my main language so expect some weird phrases or totally nonsense stuff, I would appreciate every correction.

      Now time for some tales:

      April 10th to April 12th

      The first day of F2P launch was quite exciting at the start and had to activate my 3 premium days they give me to skip queue times. Right away I checked my banks, island and valuable items but found nothing interesting, just 2.5m on my name and 1000 gold.

      My first thought was ok, people will gather low tier stuff and maybe I could flip that real fast on the first hours. Luckily this simple tactics work quite well, bought most t3 raw resources for 10-15 silver range and sell the refine ones with 50%-100% profit in some cases. After a couple of hours I said "holy crap, adept's sigils are going to be insanely cheap on newbie cities" so I ran back to Steppe cross and spend around 500k in adept's sigil, sold them super fast on bridgewatch for double the price. Mounts were a bit pricy considering old data but I took the risk and bought a lot of t3-t4 horses and ox, obviously I sold them like candy.

      At the second day my balance was around 5m and wanted to move on more profitable markets so I decided to spend 1m on each of the edge cities (main resources of the city) and move the materials to caerleon which would make a 100% or even 200% margin profits. Oh boy! how wrong I was, first I tried to move my mats with an ox from my main city bridgewatch and got destroyed by two 8.1 tier player in Deadvein Gully, rip 1m. Ok! shit happens, I still have 4 more cities to take profit right? I teleport to Lymhurst and get another ox and move my mats... SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER now a big gang await me on Kindlegrass Steppe, good bye another million. fuck if I sell the mats of the other cities I would break even or a slightly profit but I took the risk and move mats from Martlock in horse this time, now there is no way to get beated! Invisible ninja appears from nowhere and kick me from my horse in no time, by the time I saw someone was hitting me I was already dead (could be lag or maybe I'm brain dead) and lose another million. Quite tired I called the day.

      April 13th to April 14th

      My ass was broken just like my wallet and on an angry move sold most of my mats with a 50% lose due high supply of low tier mats. Luckily I had some tier t4-t5 ox from my island and sold them for around 500k in total which helped a lot. Flip some stuffs here and there but no big incomes, at the night of the sunday my balance was around 2m and decided to check new ways to make an income, in this case was the black market. WOW! a lot of tier 4 inflated prices for sure, probably with the new players playing tier 4 dungeons the black market was increasing the price over an over. I made around 5 millions only in that night and before sleep time I bought 1500 gold to get my premium status back.

      April 15th to April 16th

      Yesterday was an incredible day for black market, today too... right? well not quite, probably some people had the same idea and most stuffs were at the same price of the market so I spent some hours trying to figure out what could I make with the black market. After a while I figure out no one was selling artifact or sigil crafting items and decided to make an investment on my crafting skills of around 200k to upgrade my plate set skills, this turn out in around 1m profit and invested again 400k for leather set (I had everything at 0 here) but got another million in profit and so on until I had quite a lot of crafting skill at t5 only by reinvesting a bit of my profits. At the end of the 15th I hit the 10m and went to sleep quite happy.

      April 16 and I went to the black market right away, had some profits here and there but nothing like yesterday. Probably the market just hit an equilibrium state, what can I do now to increase my profits? well, now I have enough capital to make buy orders and just sell them on the black market, not an incredible amount of money but I need liquidity.

      Looking at Bridgewatch market found some niche items where I'm the only one selling the item (with a razonable price) and getting some steady profit. Now I started to take risk on some potential items (bought in bridgewatch) that I could sell on caerleon for double the price or sold them on black market but I'm too scared to go hahaha. Also spend some money on my island (1.5m on expand and improve houses) and picking some crafter laborers, switch a carrot plot for a corn one which double my profit + selling the seeds.

      At the end of the day I'm at 7.6m cash, 6.4m in buy orders, 1.2m on sell orders and 4.5m worth on investment (current price) so things are starting to look good. I'm going to check new markets tomorrow and try to figure out how to move mats from cities to caerleon.

      Current stats and my humble island:

    • paxprobellum wrote:

      Love this narrative and aspect of game play. I play similar market games and always wonder who I am "market PvPing" against!
      Thanks mate :)

      April 17th

      Nothing has change very much, still playing around with black market but I notice a huge decrease in profits with an average of 10% profit on the black market overall. I decided to invest more on my crafting skills to have more opportunities (around 500k) and probably lose a bit but overall I think it worth for the future, also spend around 100k on PVE set for different cities.

      I made a spreadsheet to track my trades!

      April 18th

      I login and found out that almost all my buy and sell orders were filled, made a massive profit in maybe 30 minutes of playing, and decided to play some random dungeons with my new 5.1 set crafted yesterday. Got lucky getting 3 tome of insight and after playing dungeons for an hour I decided to go back to town.

      Back in town I thought it was time, I made a guild by my own focused mostly on PVE and economy. Probably I'm going to get only new players but I always enjoy to help newbies on games. Our base is on Bridgewatch but I'm not really sure which buildings should I use, taxes in the city are a bit high but it's still profitable with the +15% return base.

      At the night I went back to black market to check around and I had an interesting situation, my bag skills were pretty lame until some consecutive huge orders in the black market appears, I was getting maybe 500 silver or something for each bag crafted but at the end I crafted around 500 bags and a lot of resources back so turn out very profitable.

      I played until very late but my guild was still at 1 player, let's see what happen next.

      The daily movement:

      Some progression in crafting:

      Overall balance:

      11.5m in cash, 7.9m in buy orders, 290k on sell orders and around 4m in investment (yes, it went down hehe). Also around 2m on stones for buildings and stuffs.

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    • This afternoon I will make an update on my trade adventures about this weekend but right now I want to make an utility post because I couldn't find a proper source to taxes on crafting and took me way too much time to figure out with my first grade maths so here we go:

      Weapon/Armor crafting:

      Let's say we want to craft an Adept's Longbow, this weapon require 14 Pine blocks

      The value of an item is followed by

      32 (the amount of planks) * 14 (the value of each plank) * 5 = 2240 silver

      Now let's add the tax rate

      2240 * 0.27 = 604,8

      As you can see the tax is round up to 605 which match the picture.

      Special weapon/armor crafting:

      Let's see the picture

      The value of the special item add up

      (32 (amount of planks) * 14 (item value) + 3584) * 5 = 20160

      Taxes applied

      20160 * 0.27 = 5443,2

      Which is 5444 round up.

      While this is the same method than before it's important to point this out because we will see this is not always the case on some crafts.

      Cooking x10 recipes:

      As you know some dishes are crafted by 10 each time and this require a slightly different formula

      Just like before we look at the amount of mats we use and his item value

      144 (the amount of cabbage required) * 40 = 5760

      But this time instead of multiply it x5 we will divide it by 2

      5760 / 2 = 2880

      And now we add the taxes (65% in this case)

      2880 * 0.65 = 1872

      Cooking x1 recipes:

      This is a weird one, for a strange reason the special item required on this crafts is not counted for the item value

      Each regular cooking mat has a 40 item value so to make things simple

      6 (the amount of all regular mats) * 40 = 240

      Now let's add the regular x5 follow up and the taxes (65%)

      240 * 5 * 0.65 = 780

      Potion x5 crafting:

      The only difference between regular weapon/armor crafting is that we don't add the x5 multiplier

      42 (total resources required) * 40 = 1680

      This time taxes are 62%

      1680 * 0.62 = 1041,6

      which is round up to 1042.

      Yesterday I wanted to craft T8 dishes and cost me 300k on fees so I was kind of forced to do some research but couldn't find nothing complete. I hope this kind of guide help noob crafters just like me.

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    • April 19th

      My profits on this day drop a lot but also found new markets, I Tried to figure out which dishes sell better and when to sell them because they get huge swings on a daily basis. Got a small 200k profit and I did it by hand, a pain in the ass but profitable one. I did all the maths by hands which make things worst.


      April 20th

      I had plenty of time on the weekends and decided to make an spreadsheet for cooking recipes and make things easier... sadly I fuck up real hard at the beginning with the formulas and forgot others stuffs. Luckily I did half of the job, now I can track the cost/value of the recipes but didn't count the fees and how massive they are! had to pay around 500k on fees and lose a bit of money.

      Later that night I finally figure out how fees work and update my spreadsheet, and made a huge cooking list that was very profitable.


      April 21th-22th

      With my new spreadsheet things speed up a lot and take me around 5 minutes to know exactly what to craft so I started to sell dishes on different cities. The profit could be better but I forgot to check the fees on thetford and screw it again.

      Also note how my profit on black market is going down and down, most crafted things are getting super small profits and my buy orders to craft them are filling less. maybe people already figure out how I make profit on the black market?




      April 23th

      New Lewpac video is here and after doing some maths I decided to invest on this method to spend focus, right now I'm using it for crafted mounts and farming but the profit is shit. I can afford it, after all I just hit 20m on balance

      I create 2 more characters, bought them premium, sold a bit more gold to start the business and started to craft right away. To keep the business rolling I need to profit around 150k daily on each character, I'm totally okay getting small profits the first 15 days or something because every day the profits will go up with masteries, that's the cool thing.

      Albiononline2d had the prices all screw up and after a fast research I started using their client to track my traffic data. After the setup I was actually looking for super small profit, break even or even small loss on crafting, why? because I wanted to get masteries on my alts as fast as possible.

      Overall I profit 400k this day refining mats BUT the total focus waste was 60k... the first and last one for a while I guess.

      Black market profits are going down again.


      April 24th-25th

      Found this thread today and I said hey! maybe I can get some of that money too. My island was dog shit but I had buildings already back on release of the game but they were all mess up, after an hour setup had half of the place with blacksmithing labourers. Took me a while also to see what to craft but I notice something interesting, pretty much every flat T4 weapon/armor was selling on a lose but 4.1 ones made me a nice profit so probably I will keep doing only 4.1 to fulfill my journal books.

      As you can see on my daily trades I spend a lot of money refining with the same idea, small profit/break even/small lose and at the end got 500k on profits each day. I'm quite surprise that my alts are already paying out.

      Black market is dead, I can't craft anything with decent profits and the risk/profit ratio is too big. It's just incompetence or maybe some people are happy with 1k profit on a 300k item but what do I know. On top of that my buy orders for make profitable crafts on the black market are being undercut way too fast, I can't deal with the people sitting all day undercutting 30 times a day so I'm not going to try anymore. Big reason for this to happen is the items I bought are getting quite less sells, maybe because the price tank a lot so people don't want to sell them anymore or because people already aren't getting this item, anyway I was prepared for this and my investment that worth 4m couple of days ago now worth 6.7m which is the same item used on black market so I was keeping some on those.




      In other news my guild has 10 members now, I'm making sure people understand the kind of guild I'm running so a lot of people decided to step back after their join request (around 50% or something like that).

      Finally, on a reddit post a guy ask me for my cooking spreadsheet and after some "design" editing (It was totally unreadable for others) I got this one and you can find the explanation here. But now I'm thinking in learning how to track my data traffic so I can check the cooking price faster (probably on the weekend I will give it a shot).

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    • April 26th-28th

      I decided to not spend more time cooking because it's very competitive and too much time consuming to undercut big sell orders, price swings are quite big and the profits aren't very high to actually keep the business rolling. So I will check this later with maybe another perspective.

      My trades on this 3 days are quite small, mostly because I didn't played much and also because I'm buying a lot on bridgewatch so I can move my island on a profitable way. why I'm moving it? because it's a bit hard to fill the books on this town, Caerleon is like heaven considering I can craft with profit using the black market and fill the books at the same time.





      April 29th

      Funny day! It's was the first day where I lose money. I login for crafting around 3 times in this day per character to craft with the same method of low loss/profit to increase my mastery.

      The big deposit of 400k on the trade section is because I made an alliance with another small Russian guild with the same game approach and we thought that maybe in the future we can do business.


      April 30th

      Tomorrow I move to caerleon and decided to cancel all the buy orders from different cities and focus all my power on Bridgewatch. I tried to buy things with 30% profit or more but it's really difficult in some areas, resources move so fast than something with 20% profit in 2 hours is actually a 20% loss so I tried to keep things safe and bought a lot of cheap city resources and luxury items to sell on Caerleon.


      May 1st

      Big day! I grabbed all my valuable stuff from the bank and deposit on my island and right anyway moved to Caerleon! I sold all the mats I had super quickly with 20-50% profit and sold the luxury goods followed by the bridgewatch city resources, the last ones I bought at 56k and sold them at 78k with a nice 40% profit right there.

      My investement finally paid off... I bought 562 adept's sigil in the range of 9k-12k, crafted a lot of things and sold them on the black market, this increased my profit to the sky because those items were profitable even if adept's sigil worth 20k. so I pretty much double my money there.

      At the end of the day I finally hit 40m in balance yey!

      After celebrating my next step was clear, I upgrade all the houses of my main island to tier 6, bought a second island upgrading this one to tier 5 and moving all the furniture from my main island to the second island. This is a long time investment so It's going to take a lot to get it back but a safe way to get money is always nice.

      I know most people suggest to upgrade the houses to T7 skipping tier 6 but thinking in the future I will use those t6 furniture anyway.

      One of the things I need to calculate now is which vegetable should I farm, carrots seed sky rocket to almost NPC price but I don't want to spend my focus on expensive seeds so it's time to do some research here.


      In other news I tried to learn about the albion online data project API but it was down like 90% of the time so It's a no for me now.

      Also my guild reached the big number of 15 members :D

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    • small update, I tried to track all final bids on bridgewatch because I couldn't find any reliable data. Prices are set in millions by default.

      It look like crap but couldn't think about a more simple way to show the values.

      the "??" on a city plot was because took me a while to realize the sign was inside a wall... so the price was 11.3M

      Some interesting information here, looks like people aren't interesed on plots that "look" bad, see for example the house for 150k, 2 Alchemist lab for virtually nothing and small refining stations. You can also see how the super valuable plots had small bids, probably because people thought those were selling for super high prices and nobody bid on those.

      Personally I bidded on a city plot in the corner for 10m but lose against the owner (Sevens), now only 3 people own single pots in the city while 3 people own the other ones.

      I'm going to try to upload the other cities too.
    • blast204 wrote:

      Interesting read, next time do two maps one with defended bids and one with successful attacks. That way you will know a more accurate plot value for each city, as a defended bid for 150k was probably an automatic defense as the owner probably put a few mill im def.
      Maybe something as simple as red numbers if plot ownership didnt exchange during auction or green if it did?
      would give us some more information to work with.
    • I'm working in something pretty simple for the next plot auction which will make it more easy to read but still look kind of ugly.

      May 2nd-4th

      I'm still selling my remaining materials, filling some journals for the future and moving my farms from carrots to corns which makes almost the double in profits.

      The biggest change this days is to take care on my 2 alts for leather and bars. I usually make small buy orders and refining them without focus and still make a bit of profit each time, at this point I was saving the LP and happy with 30-40 spec on t4-t5.

      May 5th-6th

      Huge changes in some plot owners gave me a lot of opportunities for crafting on royal cities for profits, with 5-7% taxes on martlock refining leather and 5% on thetford for bars makes me a massive jump on T4-T5 spec. Before this point was quite hard to refine leather on martlock even with the 35% return base.

      May 7th-8th

      I used this services for a day and had some decent profit (it was a day anyway) which give me the energy to make more islands. I made a second account to make a guild island and use this character to fill more books, so at this point I need to earn 10k gold per month to sustain the business. At the end I actually upgrade an guild island to level 5 and built houses on it, then create a second guild island with only level 1 and use the big guild house plot. Huge investment.

      At the end of the day a friend borrow me a stonecutter's island he wasn't using it so I bought some filled books and use them. It wasn't a huge profit but It was free money and I could get some refining levels in the process.

      May 9th-10th

      Spend on the buildings is just one step, now I need to fill a loot of books because it's quite hard to fill them when you're leveling the labourers so most movement come from empty books and the profits come from crafted items to fill this books.

      At the end of the day I thought that it was time to invest more on my guild and now I'm deposit 1m every day on the guild bank for guild invest opportunities but it's going to take forever to make a decent income here, I was thinking on creating empty islands so player could use them for farming and stuff but It's a huge money investment for a incredible tiny profit but I can't find a better way to use it.

    • Had to make another post due the 10 image limit, maybe it's a better idea to just upload 1 big picture with my trades

      May 11th-12th

      Busy all the weekend, just had time to work on my islands and spend my focus. My premium status finally run out and had to purchase another one, 3 months purchase would be a better option but I was no there yet.



      May 13th

      Not huge changes but I found this day quite interesting, I had a lot of opportunities to refine with the usual small profit on T4-T5 and now T6 which makes me think people is slightly moving to this tier and make resources. Quite happy taking this new mats and pushing more spec for free.

      At this point I'm finally making 1m daily with my islands, at this rate It would take another month to actually get my money back.

      May 14th-15th

      Since 2 weeks I have been trying to gather some stones to make my islands cheaper to make but this activity have been a pain in the ass actually, I'm more running from people than actually gathering which make it quite unenjoyable but finally got T6 on stone gathering. You can check a discussion here.

      I create another character to fill more books for my new islands because it was an incredible profitable market, the new character that I made a week ago it's already close to 100s per focus point, with a new one It would make things incredible easy to do and create a funny circle where I can fill books with the mats that labourers give me so I can send them to work for free, worst case scenario where I can't fill them all I just use my mat refining alts to get cheaper mats.

      My current material refining alts:

      Bars: 58/81/60/46/1 with 4.9m in cash and 7 premium days left
      Leather: 56/55/75/17/1 with 4.3m in cash and 7 premium days left.

      It has been almost a month and this alts barely can pay they own premium but at the beginning I knew it was going to take between 15-20 days to start making good profit. This days this characters are usually in the 30-50s per focus range which will increase over time.



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    • No business related but my guilds has growth to 20 members which is a good number in my perspective, most people don't want to join my guild after they really understand what's the playstyle we have. Most members have move from T4 to T5 gathering (we have a lot of gatherers) and they finally started to pay for their premium status, some players are even reaching T6 gathering and yesterday the first player adventure himself to black zone (I'm not including me) and died but overall he said it was a good experience and profitable anyway. I'm starting to think that we will need to join some alliance so my buddies can gather more efficient, in my case it's a pain in the ass to gather 10 minutes and go back to town but I gather very little so I don't care much.

      Back to business and my last 2 weeks are all about reinvest, since may 16th I had 5 days in red numbers (on the biggest day I spend 13.7m in mats for my islands) this is because my labourers are finally hitting T7 and they require a huge amount of money to upgrade. My logistic with houses was quite simple, I upgraded my T6 houses to T7 and my T5 houses (second island) to T6, my third island which was T5 with T4 furniture then got the remaining stuffs. But also I have 2 guild halls which I moved from T5 to T6, no furniture is useless in my watch.

      My current layout in islands:

      - Personal island with 9 houses T7 and 2 houses T6 (blacksmith)
      - Personal island with 9 houses T6 and 2 houses T5 (blacksmith)
      - Guild island with guild hall T6 and 6 houses T5 (Tinker)
      - Guild island only with guild hall T6 (Tinker)

      With current prices and labourer's hapiness I should get something like this:

      T7 Blacksmith: 4.5 resources per labourer or 121.5 resources with all my T7 slaves which is around 1154250 (just counting flat resources)
      T6 Blacksmith: 5.6 resources per labourer or 184,8 resources with all my T6 slaves which is around 646800
      T5 Blacksmith: 9 resources per labourer or 54 resources with all my T5 slaves which is around 89100

      T6 tinkers: 5.6 resources per labourer or 168 resources with all my T6 slaves which is around 655200 (trash approximation because too many different resources)

      T5 tinkers: 9 resources per labourer or 162 resources with all my T5 slaves which is around 259200

      In other words I should get around 2804550 daily on mats, seems quite decent actually.

      Do not forget the farm profit which is around 50k per island and I'm slowly moving from corns to Pumpkin because corns have been dropped a lot and currently are the worst seed to use. Luckily I hit spec 50 on corns before that :)

      Some final notes on my T7 blacksmith island... it's starting to get really hard to fill this books with profit and without using focus (T6 books are damn easy). Some people suggest me that I should transfer cheap resources from the other cities, use the 35% resource return from cities or just use my focus to fill the books but I highly doubt I can fill 33 books (a full island) with 10k daily focus. It's quite an obvious reason why this is happening, pretty much every player that is running labourers have a target of T7 labourers which push the prices down, or maybe T7 is just underused and the production is too high, in all the cases I need to find a solution.

      Alt progression:

      Bar refiner: 67/91/77/53/29

      Leather refiner: 64/74/79/26/25

      And another 2 more alts to supply tinker books

      All of them can pay they own premium now easily... unless gold decide to jump to 4k or something

      Current end of the month plans:

      Last month I had 10m to bid on plots and now my plan is to get at least 50m for this auction . I will bid for a plot in Bridgewatch again WITHOUT the intention of getting a plot (probably 10m on 5 plots or something like that) because I think it's necessary that the plot owners pay a fair amount to keep the ownership and really get that discovery price that we really need. Worst case scenario I get a cheap plot.

      I'm quite there actually for this auction, between my alts I have almost 29m plus my 12m on my main character and if I'm missing some money I will sell some old mats. I thought that 50m was almost impossible to achieve for me but then I counted the money and was super happy.

      Next month plans:

      For next month my idea is to get a full T7 blacksmith island, a full T6 blacksmith island and maybe push my tinker island to T7 or get a 5th island (between imbuer or fletcher just an idea to get better crafting specs).

      Some blacksmithing progression:

      plate set:



      I will upload my trades tomorrow to show the remaining days.
    • Sorry for taking to long for the next update but the forum didn't allow to use "more options" button so I pretty much could only post text.

      Finally the full May trades!

      As you can see my goal of 50m for the auction plot was very, very close and had 57m when I set my bids.

      I tried to target the cheapest plot of the last auction on Bridgewatch so the owners could finally pay for the plots, my bids were between 10m to 12.5m and as expected I didn't win any plot.

      A friend of mine got a plot on Caerleon and set a Toolmaker plot at 15% tax when everyone else set it to 69%, in an hour they set all the Toolmakers at 8% tax and then they build a Toolmaker next to my friend one because he didn't want to fix the price like everyone else, very toxic behavior.

      The red one is 720's plot

      The overall profit in last month was 1.7m daily, I would love to double that this month but feels a bit hard to be honest. Let's see what happen.

      edit: I would love to show the auction results but the system block me again. Maybe think I am a bot or something?

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    • I can finally post images again lol (still not sure what happen)

      This auction was very intense, cartel plots were heavily bid but still hold strong in the most part. At the end they have more plots now than before.

      In this month I did 2 images, one is for prices and the other one for owners (current image make it really hard to put both in 1). Black text means the previous owner defended his plot with success, red text means new owners.




      Sevens lose 2 plots this month both with a 100m bid, this is a very good chance that he was actually defending with 50m each single plot and x4 plot with 200m? so in total he had 1.9b billions in single plots and 400m in x4 plots which means a total of 2.3b to defend. He was the only one of the cartel losing plots so can't say much about the other ones.

      3 plots change ownership, Japo4ka bidded strong in other cities and had a few of them and Arkhan target the "weak" plot getting it for 30m. Not too much information about MasterLoup. Trustykam defended his plot with success but cost him 100m. Gvendline defended his plots too for 70m and 72m.

      The total bid in Bridgewatch was 1998m.




      A lot of changes in Martlock, 22 plots change owners my theory is because the tax on this city is too low most players can't make enough money to keep the plots.

      There are still plenty of owners in the city but T4pp3r, drakon2104 and Vasort are getting stronger. I'm guessing that his strategy is to own the closest plot to the market and target the other one later.

      I just saw the missing value of 1 plot while posting this, sadly I didn't save the value of it. I will update it if the plot owner give me the details.

      The total bid in Martlock was 2810m + missing plot.

      Missing plots

      I was looking at the map and forgot 2 plots but I'm too lazy to do all again, sorry

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    • Thetford



      Massive changes on Thetford, RuKors lost a massive amount of plots and players got them incredible cheap without any defense.

      T101 and Geem become stronger in this auction, they will probably focus on the new owners next month (that's what I would do).

      The total bid in Thetford was 829m.

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