Little trader adventures

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    • Little trader adventures


      I bought the game just after release and played for about a month. I screw it by joining a slave guild, burn out real quick and stop playing because I had no friends to play with. With the F2P release some of my friends wanted to try the game and I like how the game has changed.

      In pretty much every game I enjoy a lot to play with the market and pve content so weirdly enough you wouldn't see too much pvp on this thread. what should you expect in this thread? some market/pve progression and my thoughts about why I'm doing some trades but because I'm "new" to the game (1 month played is almost nothing) you will see a lot of mistakes which I hope you enjoy too.

      English isn't my main language so expect some weird phrases or totally nonsense stuff, I would appreciate every correction.

      Now time for some tales:

      April 10th to April 12th

      The first day of F2P launch was quite exciting at the start and had to activate my 3 premium days they give me to skip queue times. Right away I checked my banks, island and valuable items but found nothing interesting, just 2.5m on my name and 1000 gold.

      My first thought was ok, people will gather low tier stuff and maybe I could flip that real fast on the first hours. Luckily this simple tactics work quite well, bought most t3 raw resources for 10-15 silver range and sell the refine ones with 50%-100% profit in some cases. After a couple of hours I said "holy crap, adept's sigils are going to be insanely cheap on newbie cities" so I ran back to Steppe cross and spend around 500k in adept's sigil, sold them super fast on bridgewatch for double the price. Mounts were a bit pricy considering old data but I took the risk and bought a lot of t3-t4 horses and ox, obviously I sold them like candy.

      At the second day my balance was around 5m and wanted to move on more profitable markets so I decided to spend 1m on each of the edge cities (main resources of the city) and move the materials to caerleon which would make a 100% or even 200% margin profits. Oh boy! how wrong I was, first I tried to move my mats with an ox from my main city bridgewatch and got destroyed by two 8.1 tier player in Deadvein Gully, rip 1m. Ok! shit happens, I still have 4 more cities to take profit right? I teleport to Lymhurst and get another ox and move my mats... SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER now a big gang await me on Kindlegrass Steppe, good bye another million. fuck if I sell the mats of the other cities I would break even or a slightly profit but I took the risk and move mats from Martlock in horse this time, now there is no way to get beated! Invisible ninja appears from nowhere and kick me from my horse in no time, by the time I saw someone was hitting me I was already dead (could be lag or maybe I'm brain dead) and lose another million. Quite tired I called the day.

      April 13th to April 14th

      My ass was broken just like my wallet and on an angry move sold most of my mats with a 50% lose due high supply of low tier mats. Luckily I had some tier t4-t5 ox from my island and sold them for around 500k in total which helped a lot. Flip some stuffs here and there but no big incomes, at the night of the sunday my balance was around 2m and decided to check new ways to make an income, in this case was the black market. WOW! a lot of tier 4 inflated prices for sure, probably with the new players playing tier 4 dungeons the black market was increasing the price over an over. I made around 5 millions only in that night and before sleep time I bought 1500 gold to get my premium status back.

      April 15th to April 16th

      Yesterday was an incredible day for black market, today too... right? well not quite, probably some people had the same idea and most stuffs were at the same price of the market so I spent some hours trying to figure out what could I make with the black market. After a while I figure out no one was selling artifact or sigil crafting items and decided to make an investment on my crafting skills of around 200k to upgrade my plate set skills, this turn out in around 1m profit and invested again 400k for leather set (I had everything at 0 here) but got another million in profit and so on until I had quite a lot of crafting skill at t5 only by reinvesting a bit of my profits. At the end of the 15th I hit the 10m and went to sleep quite happy.

      April 16 and I went to the black market right away, had some profits here and there but nothing like yesterday. Probably the market just hit an equilibrium state, what can I do now to increase my profits? well, now I have enough capital to make buy orders and just sell them on the black market, not an incredible amount of money but I need liquidity.

      Looking at Bridgewatch market found some niche items where I'm the only one selling the item (with a razonable price) and getting some steady profit. Now I started to take risk on some potential items (bought in bridgewatch) that I could sell on caerleon for double the price or sold them on black market but I'm too scared to go hahaha. Also spend some money on my island (1.5m on expand and improve houses) and picking some crafter laborers, switch a carrot plot for a corn one which double my profit + selling the seeds.

      At the end of the day I'm at 7.6m cash, 6.4m in buy orders, 1.2m on sell orders and 4.5m worth on investment (current price) so things are starting to look good. I'm going to check new markets tomorrow and try to figure out how to move mats from cities to caerleon.

      Current stats and my humble island:

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      paxprobellum wrote:

      Love this narrative and aspect of game play. I play similar market games and always wonder who I am "market PvPing" against!
      Thanks mate :)

      April 17th

      Nothing has change very much, still playing around with black market but I notice a huge decrease in profits with an average of 10% profit on the black market overall. I decided to invest more on my crafting skills to have more opportunities (around 500k) and probably lose a bit but overall I think it worth for the future, also spend around 100k on PVE set for different cities.

      I made a spreadsheet to track my trades!

      April 18th

      I login and found out that almost all my buy and sell orders were filled, made a massive profit in maybe 30 minutes of playing, and decided to play some random dungeons with my new 5.1 set crafted yesterday. Got lucky getting 3 tome of insight and after playing dungeons for an hour I decided to go back to town.

      Back in town I thought it was time, I made a guild by my own focused mostly on PVE and economy. Probably I'm going to get only new players but I always enjoy to help newbies on games. Our base is on Bridgewatch but I'm not really sure which buildings should I use, taxes in the city are a bit high but it's still profitable with the +15% return base.

      At the night I went back to black market to check around and I had an interesting situation, my bag skills were pretty lame until some consecutive huge orders in the black market appears, I was getting maybe 500 silver or something for each bag crafted but at the end I crafted around 500 bags and a lot of resources back so turn out very profitable.

      I played until very late but my guild was still at 1 player, let's see what happen next.

      The daily movement:

      Some progression in crafting:

      Overall balance:

      11.5m in cash, 7.9m in buy orders, 290k on sell orders and around 4m in investment (yes, it went down hehe). Also around 2m on stones for buildings and stuffs.

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