Axes big bleed issue

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    • Axes big bleed issue


      There is a problem that happened to Axes earlier and must be solved

      The changes for axes (26. September 2018 to be sure) complitely ruinedchanged playstyle for 2 or more Axe users in a group.
      And that's a problem when you simply can't use your main ability to do dps.

      I think that debuff damage from multiply sources is not a big deal but "healing reduction" effect is much more likely. Because if you bring 7 people with axes in a fight, enemy team won't restore health at all.

      (If someone curious about the damage, let's imagine an event where two t4 2h-Axe users are spamming AOE Q and do autoattacks against two t4 2h-Sword users do the same for 1 minute and calculate it.

      Adept's Greateaxe has 104 damage from an Autoattack every 0.8 sec + 128 AOE damage from Rending Swing every 3 sec + 39 damage over time Rending Bleed debuff every 1 sec.

      Which is Autoattack(104*0.8) + Q((128/3)*2) + Damage over time((13*3)*2) = 83+85+78 =
      246 dps = 29,520 total damage by both players. (164 dps solo target)


      Adept's Claymore has 84 damage from an Autoattack every 1 sec + 155 AOE damage from Heroic Cleave every 3 sec and also have Heroic Charge buff +30% bonus attack speed.

      Which is Autoattack(84*1.3) + Q((155/3)*2) = 109 + 103 =
      212 dps = 25,440 total damage by both players. (160 dps solo target)

      And I think it's pretty balanced since Axes are about slow tunneling damage and Swords are for quick burst damage.)

      To solve this problem:
      I recommend to bring back stack from multiply sources which will allow people to use their favorite weapon in a party with same guy(-s).
      Decreasing healing gained will work only from effect with the greatest value.

      For example:
      If target has 15% decreasing healing gained debuff from player1 and 25% from player2, then target's Healing Received Bonus will be -25%.
      Because MIN(-0.15, -0.25) = -0.25, means that player2 reduction effect is more powerful.
      If target has first 24% + second 25% decreasing healing gained debuff from p1 and 40% from p2, then target's Healing Received Bonus will be -43%.
      Because MIN(0,43=1-((1-0,24)*(1-0,25)), -0.4) = -0.43, means that p1 reduction effect is more powerful.

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      Fusionbomb wrote:

      bleeds from different players will overwrite each other
      Yeah and it significantly affects the effectiveness of such a group. Instead of 2 pack of bleeds from 2 different players what is roughly 234(39 per sec*3 mobs*2 by both players) dps by stacked up debuff on 3 targets. But those two most likely let happen 39(13per sec*3mobs) WOW impressive dps "overwriting" debuff timer and thereby making every next tick difficult to happen.

      or probably i don't understad something?
      Anyways I want to see maximum possible of my weapon ability kit and not to split outcoming damage because of the other guy :/

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      Is that a screenshot of my old post? lol

      I'm happy they buffed the greataxe damage sometime ago now, but I agree about anti synergy in the weapon. It's very unintuitive to use with bleeds.

      And idk if anyone is arguing that we go back to how bleeds used to be stacking from multiple players. Just that the highest damage bleed not be overwritten by a lower damage bleed.

      Of course you CAN run two axes. That doesn't mean its optimal. Not being able to stack bleeds past 1 is a big dps hit.

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