Premium is only per character?

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    • Finalhecate wrote:

      S1lentsam wrote:

      NO you dont get it, I dont mind the grind playing but grinding to pay for premium, no thanks.
      either way it should be account based and not character based, my opinion, im allowed it.

      Ok so just a question, you don't mind the grind playing correct?, that means you don't mind grinding to level up your weapons so that you get stronger and able to pve and pvp etc etc since you [bolded above] "dont mind the grind playig"
      so lets say premium= 5mill silver=1month premium and let say you can make that much just PLAYING, the game towards the grind to level up your gear...... Would you mind paying premium on your alts?....

      in example:

      I started with 207k when i came back to this game from 1 year quitting [which i gave away 62k gold away], I farmed 4 days hide on a special yellow zone with specific spec and gatherings to make 17.9mill... After that all i did was random dungeon from group i set up myself as a core run [havent run since april 10th but would have much more money]... those runs i got from trying to level up my nature staff [aka healing] brought these back home, ....until april 10th i made from 17.9mill , down to 12mill with a guild by losing 7.2 gear in black zone, back to 59mill from my own set up core runs and i still have 8.5mill atm in silver and 33,000+ gold [converted from 1700/1gold] [it is 8.5mill i think after selling all those matz at bridgewatch]....

      So lets go back, let say 5mill silver= premium for 1 month i have 33,000gold and i use what i earn by "grind playing" for my gear, then the first month is already paid with the 3,000 gold i have leaving me 30,000 left [im rounding] if i want 6month i can do 11k gold and will still have enough, if you going to do this in the basis of 3 account [which all account share gold] than it [rounding btw] would be, 3,000x3=9,000 leaving you 24k for anything you want...... Mind you, this is from march 25 [where i set up my core run] to april 9th where my core run has stopped in making money [counting the one i have lost from gankign XD].....

      So just play the game on one toon [healer] and level it up doing random dungeon and use the big wallop of money that you will receive from it to get some gold and buy premium on all 3 accounts....

      If you don't want to do any of these then... I don tknow man find a better game? enjoy your life..
      this has nothing to do with what needs to be changed, they need to make it MORE VISIBLE that you're only getting it on ONE character, like CAPITALS Red writing UNDERLINED bold etc
    • Mabe your right maybe not , all I know is when I select to pay with real money it brings me to a page which says....

      1) choose your character (drop down selection where you choose which character you want your premium on)

      2) payment method

      As for buying premium with silver or in game gold it would probably be good to include premium is for one character but when paying with real money it shows it's for one character so if you paid with real money they you are informed before your purchase.

      My apologies
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    • S1lentsam wrote:

      this has nothing to do with what needs to be changed, they need to make it MORE VISIBLE that you're only getting it on ONE character, like CAPITALS Red writing UNDERLINED bold etc

      You are disgusted that you didn't get account bound premium, -Not everyone is and it doesn't seem to be a big issue according to the forum threads.

      No one checks the Faq -Before getting this game i did, it said at one point this game was suppose to have solo content which is taking so long to come but it's coming [in the beginning i wrote how they said it would but they didnt meant it till now] which is the reason I got this game, and I do this with every game : check forum, check faq, check review, check guides....

      You want 3 alts and don't want to pay $ for premium on each, just one payment account bind premium -The above person FlashEtte said [I have never paid via $ all ingame silver]

      1) choose your character (drop down selection where you choose which character you want your premium on)

      2) payment method

      That good enough to tell me im not getting account bind premium and it would of deter me from buying the premium, However i would of still bought it via ingame silver or like captainrussian i would of spent the 10 buck if I can't play much as the premium is super important either you are getting it on one toon or a couple...

      quote" lol none of that, I cannot believe this really, means I will just have to find a new game again, its a shame cause this one is cool but now I know this I will down-vote and bad review this at all opportunities from now onward, oh well. unquote" - inb4someonesaygoodbyeyouwontbemissed, as for me, if you feel this deter you so much that you want to give bad review, quit the game and find a new game then you won't make it anyway with the rest of the shit that is about to hit you once you step out into the darkness.

      quote" I already paid for premium on my ACCOUNT, character specific lol.. so so gross.

      you really think true gamers want to spend their game time grinding for gold/silver JUST to be able to play but then have to grind more to be able to pay, only to grind more to be able to lay.. lol

      GREAT model right?" unoquote - I have already answer this part with my first post, so nothing to worry here. Playing on 3 account is good if you are pking people in red zone or yellowzone and go to the limit of 20,000 negative point where you cannot return to the red zone and will have to play in the outlands of blackzone, However, The majority of this game is to be actually the jack of all trades, this is because you can finish 400/400 spec in heal and still lvl up your tank dps, EVERYTHING. You can max everything on one toon and use that one toon to do all, just need to change tank gear to dps gear to heal gear to gathering gear and do whatever, so far i haven't met someone who is 400/400 spec on all roles and all gathering with 100 spec on all aspec of gathering... I would stick with 1 toon myself but i guess that's just me.

      As for the stating it or not [account base or character base], i don't know who will not buy premium to their character, you said it yourself

      • 20 Learning Points per day - this is now nothing to me unless i use it for gathering, as random dungeon gives wayy much fame to get to a certain tier
      • +50% Fame - awhhheeee yeah, this is the reason i buy fame
      • +50% Gathering yield - ok ill admit with 100% gathering bonus as 100/100 spec in t5, t8 gathering set, the 50% does work well with me when im doing my runs, which i make 1,5mill an hour [.5 if i get any .3 enchant other wise is 1mill]
      • +100% Farm animal growth rate - Never use it don't care but other do.

      • 10,000 Focus Points per day - Lol i give this to ironm crops for free, i use to give it to another guildmate when i had one, i haven't use it for myself but i know its very important for refining, crafting, farming etc.
      • +50% Silver and loot from mobs - its ok, i preffered the loot over the silver but its something.
      • +100% Crop yield - again i dont use it to much money from other places but other likes it.
      • 50% Reduced market tax -Hell yeahh son, i would probably pay real money if they made it 100%
      Either way that all im gonna say for this thread concluding your post, if you like the game stay if you dont and are mad about the premium per account there are other games to try,, arcfall ..
      Random dungeon
    • Beacheers wrote:

      i'm sorry to be a bit pessimistic , but its cause i like this game .... they needed F2P dont tell me game was well with the community cause they re-thinked all there incomes with F2P and yeah eve online is dying now.... cause this economic model is dead : LOL, HOTS, HEARTHSTONE, APEX, BATTLE ROYALS, the battle royals are shit .... but people playing it cause they upgrade get skin and got there own character at the end, that's make them stay , ..... playing a game for farming 30hours in game and not even can craft a single new piece of stuff is frustrating .... people gonna leave cause of that , its sure ... i like farming but i farmed 50hours of skinning ........ FUCKING 50 HOURS MATE and i'm still in T4 crafting since the 50 hours .... too frustrating to play mate , your just playing 10 or 2 hours skinning mobs you can craft T5 dont even dare say you know the game you know the PAYING game , play free , you will pay 1 hours later, or if no money to speed on it , you gonna stop playing and go ... in other's games that's you can play 1 hours and upgrade something as a free player
      you havent try the game F2P dont speak about the game tho , you know it with 2hours playing and crafting new stuff in those two hours ... how dare you speak mate , pay 10 euros and play a good game , dont pay , just TRY to upgrade .... try it man i'll laugh at your frustration

      you dont anderstand the purpus of YOUR game , Albion getting free to play ... getting back a community that was dying AND DONT DARE TELL ME IS WAS NOT ! and so we are comming , farming 100hours passing T5 , passing 1000 hours passing T6 and ...... no people stop at 100hours to have a new stuff mate XD in lol you get a skin after 3 game .... and when you are after the "grinding XP of the beginin" you got skins after 10 hours of playing ? maybe 100 for a realy good skin ;D but , no one play 1000hours to craft a new stuff , sorry mate ;)

      buy eyes ....

      you played in a yeah like.... 100 hours or 300 hours of albion GG MATE , so with your time in F2P your just about to craft T5 ;D GG

      u cum here and furm loke this man, you don't know pain man, yuo dan't know how it feels to form for days not being able to form t6 or t7 or t8, foever in t5 man, i make monay from t5 foever man, and it hurt man, there a peeple doing betta thing than this man to make some monay man, is one of tham man, but me no me farm 1 yarrr ago everday and suffer man, now me t8 gathoring hide and t8 fibarrrr man an i still maku small money man, but jesus christ died for our sin man and gave us the random dungeon that gives, goodamoney man, and now imsave for now by our lord and saviour man...

      In all jokes aside. Dude just do some random dungeon with friend or lfg or guild and yo uwill earn enough money to do what ever you want, if not do what the link in the video says and you will make atleast enough for premium and get some learning point... lucky that free to play get 10 learning point from the adventure but those who has premium cannot get those, we get passive 20 learning point per day with premium, f2p get 10 and trust me alot of premium got mad that you guys get 10 learning point XD
      Random dungeon
    • S1lentsam wrote:

      DildoSwaggings wrote:

      No it says “ensure your character” else it would say “ensure your account”, it’s not the same thing.

      Man your like the people for who we had to put “Watch out this boiling coffee is hot af” on cups
      Who owns a cup like that? I'm the guy that didn't know they exist cause I know nobody IRL that's moron enough to need one, I avoid these people.

      FlashEtte wrote:

      Character/Account... 2 different things.. it's as simple as that honestly...

      character/characters … 2 different things

      characters can apply its account bound , character applies its per character.
      you mean IMPLIES right? they need to make it clearer that you're paying for ONE CHARACTER to get premium its not hard or game-breaking change. its a Simple as rewording the sale pages..
      maybe with a free rl tattoo on ur forehead? :D
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    • Being a new player to the game that actually already gotpremium, for me, it makes a lot sense that the game does not allow premiumto be for the all account.

      Lookingin other models in games that I used to play, actually, this model is fair andmore than that you can buy the premium whit in game currency so... ?(

      Andbeing a new player that started playing in F2P launch I think that is prettyeasy to make the in game money to buy premium every mouth.

      Cryingbabies will be always be crying babies ;)
    • Nao e nem uma coisa nem outra esta no FAQ a explicar como o Premium funciona se nao leste devias ter lido antes de comprar ;)

      It is neither one nor the other in the FAQ explaines how Premium works if you didn't read it you shoud have before buying ;)