Remove weight limit in arena

    • Remove weight limit in arena

      Hello ;

      So arena queue take arround 10 min as dps so while i wait i usally go gather and when queue pops i accept and do the arena.But when i do that weight is always a problem because when gathering with ox is ok but when i don't have the mount i have so much weight.

      If arena queues was lower it shouldn't be a problem but right now it takes 10 min and i think it would be better if you remove the weight limit in normal arenas.It would increase the amount of people who does the arena as well.

      It has 3 win daily reward and it's a fun content.I would be love to play and get 3 win daily everyday but i work and i have 2-3 hour of gameplay everyday.I can't just sit arround the city while waiting for the queue.
    • damn….. 10minutes?! xD

      dude i have job and family too, but 10min is nothing, cmon!

      the albion dev team is pretty small and i guess they have more important things to work on than this^^
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